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Where to Go to Network For a Job - Without Feeling Needy, Awkward Or Pushy
By:Paul Godines

In this Article were going to cover exactly Where To Go To Network For a Job.

More specifically were going to discuss where to go to Network for Contacts that could lead to an interview.

First, people often feel weird when asking friends and family if anyone they now is hiring. It makes them feel awkward, needy and pushy so they just avoid the conversation altogether.

This is the opposite of what we need to do, the best opportunity to getting a job that fits you best is to get a job from a friend who knows you and understands what type of job you want and is willing without reservation to recommend you to someone who has a job.

Not just a job but a great job, maybe the perfect job. One you wouldn't even know about without their help.

So what do we gather and how do we network for an interview, where we can share our stories of how we have benefited others and how we can benefit them?

Begin by calling every person you know and I mean every person you know. You are going to call every person your wife knows your kids friends parents and their friends and eventually their friends, friends.

That's how you are going to get to know who's interviewing. You are not going to ask them if they know anyone who is hiring, thats not what I'm asking you to do.

Instead your going to ask them a few casual questions about their job. What do they do at the company, how they got hired, who does the hiring and other casual questions. If they ask you why your asking tell them that your interested in working for that company.

That's Where To Go To Network For a Job - Without Feeling Needy, Awkward or Pushy. Go to your friends and family and ask them a few casual questions.

Paul Godines from Adapt on a Dime.com is an expert Career Coach who specializes in helping People Turn Their Mixed Up Career Experience' into Meaningful and Profitable Career Building.

To learn more tips and techniques like the ones in this article, please click here: http://www.adaptonadime.com

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