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Sample Letter Of Resignation
By:Derek Todom

Looking for a Sample Letter Of Resignation?

Has the time came for you to take that job and put it right out the door? Are you so tired your going to walk into your bosses office and give him a piece of your mind!

You might want to slow down a bit then. Even if your boss is the biggest @##$#$ to ever walk the planet earth it never pays to burn bridges. You never know when your boss might be sitting across from you at a future job interview. Of course if that happens your probably going to run!

You can search around the internet for a Sample Letter Of Resignation however your probably better off just writing a short 2 or 3 sentence note saying that you wish for your employment to end on such and such date (2 weeks from the date of notice) and include a address where your final paycheck can be sent. That's all there it to it. Just be sure to exit with grace so you can use your soon to be former employer as a reference.


I had a friend ask me the other day How To Write A Letter Of Resignation I gave some thought to the subject and, the bottom line is keep it simple!

The nitty gritty of the act of resignation is: You voluntary choosing to sever the relationship. Plain and simple so there is no need not to keep the notice simple.

This is what I do:

Attention: My Bosses Name

Please let this letter serve as my 2 week notice. I have recently accepted a job offer and, I humbly request my employment with (Insert your PRESENT companies name here) be terminated as of (Your start date for your new job).

Best Regards,

Derek Todom

Some people are unsure as to how much notice to give to they're old employer when they accept a new job offer. The standard is 2 weeks however this can vary according to Barbara Pachter:

"You may give two weeks notice or one month notice but whatever the time period, "be upbeat, be helpful," says Barbara Pachter, a business etiquette expert and head of Pachter & Associates of Cherry Hill. "You need to help to make that transition as smooth as possible."

2 weeks to a month! PLEASE! I do not think so! How often do companies give employees a 2 weeks to a month before they're layed off? Hardly ever. This sort of mentality is nothing more than fuel to the fire that keeps the corporate world burning at the working men and womans heels. We don't have anything such as job security anymore as we are forced to hop from job to job. The name of the corporate game today is to stay ahead of the game otherwise you will get swallowed up and shown the door.

If you came to this site looking for some Sample Resignation Letters I apologize. I was going to put a few up but I decided that I would speak my mind about that 1 month notice blurb.

2 weeks tops! Make your notice short and sweet with a requested termination date and a forwarding address where your final paycheck can be sent. Nothing more and nothing less.

Oh yeah, one more thing, walk out that door and don't go back!

Don't forget to give yourself some vacation time between jobs as an added perk! This can be done by simply working your start and termination dates to compliment each other.

Also, don't forget to ask for permission for references for all the people you like that you work with. You won't have time to do so on your last day and those last 2 weeks will fly by.

Good luck with your new job!

For more job tips and tricks you will want to go to my website at www.Adventureonthewave.com

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