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Career Change - Find a Role Model
By:Waller Jamison

If the effort involved in career change is proving difficult, think about finding a role model. When you are working full time and a change of direction means studying or learning new skills, you could find yourself becoming tired and consequently be tempted to give up.

Looking at how other people have become successful, often against the odds, can really boost your morale and motivate you to go the extra mile. So if you don't already have a role model, it could help enormously to find one.

Are there well-known people in your chosen field who have fought against adversity in order to succeed? If not, it isn't crucial to find someone in the same career, just someone who inspires you. You can find inspirational stories all over the place - in the community in which you live, through your church or community organizations. Local newspapers often write about people who have succeeded despite illness, disability or adverse circumstances. Alternatively, you can search online to find good examples of people who have shown great determination and succeeded in very difficult situations.

A great way to find role models is by taking a trip to the local library or bookshop and browsing through the biography section. This will help you identify good role models - the type of people you admire and enjoy reading about. There are many famous people who have overcome enormous problems, but many ordinary people as well. They may, for example, be contributing to society by helping others or being involved in a charity, despite suffering from a debilitating illness. Others will have risen to the top of their careers or created successful businesses in spite of poor education and lack of financial or emotional support.

Reading about the success of others can also be exciting and entertaining - a welcome relief from your routine, which will not only inspire you, but also refresh you.

© Waller Jamison 2008

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Waller Jamison is a careers advisor who has made several career changes and understands the obstacles and how to overcome them.

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