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Is Sitting All Day Killing You? - Back Pain in the Work Place
By:Gregg Marsh

According to the UK Department of Social Security, there was a 600% rise in claims for sickness and invalidity benefit due to back pain in the years 1985-1995. Moreover the seated workplace is now the most common environment in today’s society.

Are you about to become one of these statistics? Do you find that you get stiff and uncomfortable in your seat and need to go for a quick walkabout to stretch, or worse do you sit through it due to work pressures?

Back pain can be divided into three categories

Ordinary Backache - 90% of cases

Nerve Root Pain - 5%

Serious Spinal Pathology -1%

For Nerve Root Pain and Serious Spinal Pathology, a proper investigation by your Healthcare practitioner is a must, don’t work through the pain! For those with ordinary back ache - here are my tips to help you at the office:

1. Use a Swiss Ball for a chair – this will help you strengthen your core muscles.

2. Set your laptop or PC with a “Posture Check” alarm that will go off every 30 minutes.

3. For every hour that you sit; stand up and walk around for just 3-4 minutes

4. Ensure you keep well hydrated, most disc problems occur because of lack of fluids surrounding the spinal discs. Also avoid coffee and other diuretics

5. Take good quality Salmon Oils to help keep the spine keep supple and mobile.

6. Eat right for your Metabolic Type. If you are eating foods which are causing you to get bloated; these will switch of the abdominal wall and thus offer no support for your lower back. See www.mindbodyfree.co.uk for full details on how to get tested

7. Ensure that your desk is ergonomically assessed, for your height and work needs

8. Improve your posture – Find a good Pilates Instructor at your local Gym or seek out a Corrective Exercise Specialist in your area.

Gregg Marsh

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