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Reduce Tension In The Work Place And Save A Bundle
By:Paul Anderson

Want to save money at work? Then reduce tension at work. Here’s why.

There’s always some tension in the work place, but much of it is needless and with a little thought can be reduced. When you do that, you save money, because tension costs.

Answer these three questions and I’ll show you how tension at work can be expensive:

1. Do you see people and events as they really are? Do you think you are objective and your beliefs are free from distortion? YES NO

2. Do you think other fair-minded people will share your views provided they have the same information you do about a given topic or situation? YES NO

3. When other people don't share your views there are three possible explanations:
a. They haven't been told the truth.
b. They are too lazy or stupid to reach the correct interpretation.
c. They are biased by self-interest, dogma or ideology.
YES (to any of the 3 explanations)
NO (to any of the 3 explanations)

Solid research shows that any "Yes" answer to the above questions puts you at risk to loosing money for your company. And how does that happen? "Yes" answers to the ideas expressed in the three questions you answered are "dangerous convictions". They position you to be relatively non-negotiable and a person who is easily polarized. Polarized ways of functioning lead to conflict and tension in corporate structure. With the tension that comes from unresolved conflict, you and others you work with focus less on cooperative endeavors and achievements and more on egos, turf wars and other peoples' faults. You and others then are not focused on yourselves and getting your own jobs done. That is an expensive waste of time, money and productivity.

Just as with driving a car, the probability of accident goes way up when we're focused on other drivers rather than our own driving. What a waste! If you are concerned that you or your corporation are wasting time and profit due to higher levels of tension, get the calming effect of the "Neutral Third". That's the benefit a good coach can bring to your work place.

Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D.

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