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Looking for a New Career - Are the Skills You Have suitable?
By:Allison Thompson

As you will soon find out when looking for a position in a new field is to quantify the skills (tasks that you are particularly good at) and then communicating them in either written or verbal form to a new employer.

By matching your skills to those that are used in a variety of different works settings may be able to help you match your skills which would result in you finding the right position for you.

Firstly you need to actually determine what skills you have and will help in ensuring that you become the candidate who will get the job that you have applied for. However the skills that you are talking about do not necessarily have to be ones that have come from a work environment even if your are applying for your first job and yet have no work experience, you will still have a chance of getting a job in the industry of your choice.

Most skills include knowledge based (training) and skills that are easily transferable to another field of work. For example you could have obtained your skills whilst working as a volunteer, during your student years, as a homemaker or through any other activities that you take part in. You may find that the skills you have obtained through these activities can be easily applied to the job that you are applying for.

It is advisable to list and organize your personal skills so that when filling out a job application it will make it much easier for you. Also always provide the prospective employer with useful information when at the interview and always have a well prepared resume to include with the application form.

It is advisable to always categorise the skills that you have by separating them out as interests that you have and the aptitude you have obtained from previous work experience (even included any weekend employment that you have had).

When talking about aptitudes and interests you should include such things as any hobbies or activities that you take part in both now and in the past. Also include all subjects and things that are of interest to you. By jotting down a list of these you will able to look and see what skills are involved to help you achieve the right result in each subject.

Skills that show you have an aptitude or interest in homemaking, playing football, repairing cars or any other such subject will show a prospective employer that you are capable of working as part of a team, can handle multiple tasks easily as well as many others. The list can go on, but it is vital that you consider all the skills that you feel would help and be beneficial in a work environment.

Next you need to include your work history, this will include whether you have been a volunteer, worked part time, freelance or had summer or full time jobs. Now that you have listed all your previous employment it is good to look at what skills were required for each position and list them.

Now that your list is ready and it is time to start looking for that ideal job position for you. You can contact any number of job services or employment agencies who will help you find the right job for your set of skills and you can even look for yourself (local and national papers often carry job vacancies). But it is vital that you must remember to match the skills and abilities you have in the list you have prepared to the skills and abilities that are required for the position you are applying for.

In a lot of cases people who are looking for employment or career change will often be put off by the job title and look no further at the position being offered. But remember as long as your skills and abilities match the requirements of the job description and tile then the chances of you finding your dream position in the future are increased.

Allison Thompson

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