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How to Find the Best Career for You, Without Shedding a Tear Along the Way!
By:Todd Jirecek

Everyday people set out and try to find the best career for them. They may have an idea of what it is they want after college and they may not. Either way just graduating with a certain degree will not always take you where you expect.

An example would be a psychology major may end up in a sales job because they know how to deal with people.

One of the easiest things you can do is talk to other who have been there before you. Talk to your teachers or people who are already working in fields you want to be in. Listen to their stories and see what you can come up with for your best career.

Let’s say you are going to graduate in marketing but you are not sure what it is you want to do. You know you love researching marketing ideas but you have no idea what you can do with that. A career in marketing can lead to many jobs. You could be in sales or maybe even designing marketing materials.

The point is to really sit down and think about what it is you are good at and what you would maybe like to do. Remember this is a life decision and you want to be happy in the work you do. However, this does not mean that you cannot change at any point in your life.

It has been said that the average college student is now in their 30’s. This alone should tell you that people are making life changing decisions late in life. The days are long gone when someone worked for the same company for 35 years. It’s still possible today but highly unlikely.

If you are in college take your time to figure out what it is you want to do and what may be the best career for you. If you are at a mid point in your life you may also want to take some time to figure things out.

Either way taking sometime planning can help make your life much happier along the way!

Todd Jirecek

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