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Job Interviews: How to Succeed and Win Job Offers
By:Annette Lewis

Interviews are used by almost all organizations irrespective of size or sector. Job hunters may not like the process much and indeed some fear interviews intensely however to get that crucial job offer and to move up the career ladder you must become comfortable in the interview room and learn how to become an excellent interviewee.

A common mistake made by many candidate is the belief that all they need to succeed is a great resume/CV. True, it will have gotten you into the interview room but my experience shows that very often it is not the applicant with the best experience or skills who will win the job, it’s the one who performs best at the interview.

Preparation is key to giving a great interview performance and irrespective of how experienced you are we recommend you take the following steps to ensure you are prepared both physically and mentally and ready to succeed and win those great job offers.

Be Prepared:

A common mistake made by candidates is not being fully prepared and there really is no excuse. There is usually more than enough time from the date you receive your invite to the interview itself and proper preparation and practice will enhance greatly your ability to answer questions, to communicate and to present yourself in the best possible light. There is no one recommended way to prepare for an interview. Instead, there are key tools and techniques that can be used to improve one's chances for interview success. Steps to follow include:

Find out as much as possible about the type and format of the interview: Will it be held at an assessment center or in the hiring managers office. How many people will be interviewing you, will you have to make a presentation and if so what equipment will be available to you?

Research the company: Researching the interviewing organisation is essential for three reasons. Firstly, through this process you will discover just what the company does, how strong is the company financially and does it have a bright future. By demonstrating your knowledge during the interview you will give an impression of interest, keenness and enthusiasm which is highly regarded by interviewers.
Secondly, you will have information to analyse just what the company is looking for, what do they need now or in the future. You will be in a strong position to match your skills to the company's requirements, you can better anticipate likely questions and can focus your answers during the interview to sell yourself. Thirdly and most importantly research can go some way to discovering if the company is right for you, does its culture and values match yours, do you believe in the integrity of its products etc.

Trial Journey: If possible carry out a trial journey prior to the interview itself. This will help you familiarise yourself with the route and the timing and will give you valuable information to add to your company research

Mock Interview: A mock interview is a great way to practice your answers prior to the interview. Ask a friend or colleague to act as the interviewer and to get the most benefit both parties should treat this as if it was a real interview. Feedback from ‘the interviewer’ can be very helpful in ensuring you can sell yourself most accurately.

First Impressions: Choose the right clothes, shoes and accessories to help fit in with the recruiting organisation. Your trial journey would have helped identify ho other employees dress and give you a view of the corporate culture

Annette Lewis

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