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How To Double Your Productivity In An Instant
By:Shawn Lim

Do you want to learn how you can accomplish more in your life? This is exactly what you are going to discover in this article. You will learn how you can double your productivity in an instant.

Most people are not accomplishing much in their lives simply because they do not know how to do it. Once you have learned the techniques, all you need to do is to apply these techniques into your own life. Try it for one whole month and you will see how productive you will become. So here are the 3 powerful techniques that will raise your productivity...

1. Create a to-do list. Every night before you sleep, write down all the things that you need to do the next day. You can also do this in the morning the next day, but you will have to make sure you wake up at least 15 minutes earlier to get this task done. If you do not know what you need to do during the way, you will end up wasting most of your time. The moment you have your own to-do list, you can better focus on what needs to get done.

2. Practice the habit of doing it right now. Whenever you need to get something done, do it right now and do not wait. Do not put things off and wait until later. The moment you procrastinate, it is difficult for you to get back into track. You will even form a bad habit of putting things off. Therefore, never ever put things off. If it is task that you should get it done now, just do it and do not wait.

3. Leverage on the principle of momentum. Whenever you seem like no energy or motivation to do something, just get it started. Once you have started it, you will create the momentum and get it moving. Just like if you hate to write articles, just get it started and write for 15 minutes. Once you started the progress, you will create the momentum and you will have no problem writing all the articles.

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