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Employment Tips

Sure Ways to Please Your Boss
By:Emma Wanjiku

The worse thing you can do in your workplace is make your boss your enemy. Whether you like it or not, you must be in good books to safeguard all your interests in the company or organization. For this reason, many workers become puppy dogs who jump at every bark of the boss. You do not have to lower your dignity to get favour from the boss. You can employ the following professional tips that will keep your status in the workplace excellent at all times.

First, know that your boss is not looking for a best friend; they are looking for a worker who knows their job. Therefore, quit practicing your sycophant speeches and tones and get working. You need to show that you deliver and more so that you are consistent in what you do. This is a sure way to score points where your boss is concerned. When you get extra loads of work, be dedicated because this is invaluable.

You never get to work late or be absent from work. This will leave a bad impression of you and your boss might black list you in his mind. Getting to work late on many occasions might say a lot about you and you do not want this kind of negativity. However, you do not have to become a saint to please your boss. You are human and might get late to work on certain occasions. If your boss expects you to be an angel, then he will be waiting for a long time. The bottom line is to do your best with this regard.

You want your boss to respect you. You must earn it by showing a good attitude in your work. Never turn down work or say that you cannot do it. You need to deliver on promises you make and this is how you earn the respect. In all workplaces, there are certain procedures that are followed to achieve the various goals. The standard operating procedures must be followed to the letter and when you are doing something different, you can be sure your boss will not be smiling with you. Conform to all the rules and regulations and steer clear of trouble.

Now, if you have the above tips up your sleeve, chances are that all other employees have them and want to get favor from the boss; therefore, you must do something extra. You need to take opportunities that will have you out-performing others. You need to create a name as the hard worker without pretense.

You might not be the favorite where colleagues are concerned but they are not the ones signing your pay check. You need to focus and know that the workplace is the playing field that needs to be conquered wisely. Your colleagues might pull you down and you must be wise enough to make sure you are not influenced negatively.

Having said the above, you must seek to be a good team player. Do not give others reason to make you the black sheep. Bosses will appreciate workers who can get along with others professionally. This way, you do not have to worry about pleasing the big man.

Emma Wanjiku is an experienced writer and publisher who focuses on issues affecting you. Her research is based on all aspects and topics of life. For more tips and information, access her sites at http://www.emmalifetips.com.

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