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Wrong Reasons to Quit a Job
By:Emma Wanjiku

Many people will have ridiculous and silly reasons for quitting jobs. However, it is vital to acknowledge that people are different and what might seem silly to you may be a life line to another person. However, there are general reasons that are just not good enough to quit a job. If you are the spoiled kind, perhaps you might want to look at the following reasons and think twice when you are about to hand in your resignation.

First, many will say that they have not been promoted or have not had a salary increment in so long. The truth is, this is not a good enough reason to throw everything away. You need to look beyond your nose and look at the larger economy. When things are slow companies have no choice but to scale down. Look at the reasons for the slow pace of promotion and you might find a genuine reason. Many will take this excuse to go but deep down, they have some other reason.

Others quit because they are not being given tough projects like their counterparts. You need to ask yourself why your heads do not think you can handle bigger projects. This will boil down to pride but you must prove yourself to be trusted for bigger undertakings in your company. If all you do is complain about the allocation of work, then you might not have what it takes in the first place.

Another poor reason for quitting is comparing yourself with others in your position. The grass will always look greener on the other side. You might feel like you are not living up to your full potential and give up a perfectly good opportunity to chase the wind. Many workers think they are a God-sent gift to the workforce and put too much importance in their skills. Overconfidence is the recipe for failure and you need to practice contentment.

Many people have walked out of their jobs just because they were not allocated an office. Again, this centers on pride and arrogance. This is a minor issue that need not end your career in a company. Another lame reason to walk out is office romance gone sour. Office romance is not uncommon and when it does not work out, you might decide to quit. You need to be grown up about this and know that there is life after messed up romance in the office.

There are many who naturally do not keep jobs. They hop from company to company. You need to look at what underlying problem you have and sort it out. No one says that the workplace is a bed of roses and when it becomes tough, you need to get tougher and overcome the different challenges you are bound to face.

Emma Wanjiku is an experienced writer who focuses on issues affecting you. Her research is based on all aspects and topics of life. For more tips and information go to http://www.emmalifetips.com.

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