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5 Ways to Deal With a Mean Boss
By:Emma Wanjiku

Bosses are not always the most popular people in life but, you have to deal with them every single day because your livelihood depends on it. Putting up with a mean boss can leave you dry and miserable but, you can go about it a different way to avoid this. You need to reach a point where you master a few things that will remedy your relationship. Your survival depends upon your boss whether you want to admit it or not until you break the contract you have. The following tips can prove to be your key to a better relationship or a better atmosphere in your place of work.

o In my experience with bosses, I have learned not to sail against the current but rather to flow with a direction that will reduce your chances of drowning. This is to say that a mean boss is a person who elicits many emotions. You might be tempted to be the one to save the day by confronting the 'big man'. This is in many cases a very disappointing decision. The first thing is to be an observer and not a reactor; you want to make it in one piece.

o There is a very thin line between being a hypocrite and an observer. Therefore, you need to decide who you want to be. A hypocrite is a person who totally hates the guts of his boss but gives the opposite signals to the boss. You will have to admit that most of us fall in this category. However, bad-mouthing your boss then pretending to be his best friend will ruin your character; if you have any.

o As you observe things, make sure that you do things as your boss likes them to be done. Some employees have demonized their bosses. Before you label your boss 'Satan' it is vital to give them a chance to show their character. Do your work as stipulated and see what the outcome will be. There are so many bosses who are just heaven-sent. They have the ability to recognize a good and dedicated worker and value them. However, a huge chunk of bosses have proved to be opportunistic pigs that would be glad to step on people's heads.

o Treat deserving bosses with the respect they have earned. If your boss is not deserving of respect, your mandate is to perform your job to the best of your abilities; nobody says that you have to respect them.

o You should never be rude to your boss unless you want to quite. Many times, mean bosses have the power to drive us to the wall. If you are not looking to ruin your stay, always have a good word for your boss. Also, do not join groups of employees that despise the bosses. You might be influenced to do something you had not intended.

With mean bosses, nothing much can be done if you want to keep your job. Therefore, have a positive attitude and do not let his or her negativity influence you. However, if your boss is too much, it is healthy to give him or her, a piece of your mind in a constructive way. This will not guarantee that you still have a job but, it will enable you walk out holding your head up high.

Emma Wanjiku is an experienced writer who focuses on issues affecting you. Her research is based on all aspects and topics of life. For more tips and information go to http://www.emmalifetips.com.

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