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Ice Breakers - Corporate Team Building Activities and Games for Meetings
By:Takuya Hikichi

Fun corporate ice breakers promote familiarity and understanding among team members. A well-designed icebreaker is entertaining, relaxing, motivating, energizing, and establishes solid team rapport.

An ideal ice breaker should include tasks that require the team members to listen to each other and put in joint efforts, to succeed. Here are a few innovative and thoughtful corporate icebreakers:

Two Truths & A Lie

Ask each participant to write three things about him/herself on a paper. Two of the three things should be lies and only one true. Have the written note read in front of other participants and let them identify the truth and the lies. This game highlights observant skills, analyzing capabilities, team understanding, and of course the honesty of participants.

What Do You Fear?

Let each participant reveal his/her fear on a piece of paper. Have another participant read out the fear and describe how it feels to live with that fear. This is a wonderful activity that teaches sensitivity and empathy to team members.

When each one knows others' fears firsthand, the team becomes more understanding, supportive, and emotionally strong. Together, they can strive to face the fear as well.

How Well do you Know Me?

Give a set of personal questions (likes, dislikes, etc.,) to participants and have them write the answers for each. Have the team leader read each set of answers. The others should be able to identify the person based on the answers.

The winner is of course the person who gets the mystery man or woman right. This game offers an insight into the other individual.

Balloon, Balloon, Stay Afloat

A very funny game that requires teams to keep a balloon in the air using only their breath. The winner is the team that holds its balloon afloat for the longest period of time. This activity requires persistent, patient, and joint efforts of the team.

Corporate ice breakers are amusing with a significant lesson at their core. These lessons when transferred to work places, contribute to the creation of a powerful workforce that accomplishes on the strength of teamwork.

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