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Employment Tips

How to Manage An Organization
By:Frankie Muhammad

How to effectively and successfully operate an organization is very complicated. It requires an extensive amount of training, skills, knowledge and experience. Organizations over time have become very complex and competitive. Managers must understand the concept of management in order to effectively run an organization. It takes a lot of savvy and skills to supervise employees and run an organization.

Supervisors are some of the most important individuals in an organization. They set the tone and culture for an organization. They have to get the employees to buy into the culture and policy of the organization. Furthermore, the manager is responsible for solving problems. They also have the responsibility to make sure that employees are working effectively. They must also strive to make sure the organization is profiting or providing a quality service.

Supervisors should possess leadership characteristics. They must be able to recognize the strength and weakness in their followers. Also, a manager must be able to delegate responsibilities and motivate their employees. They should have good communication skills and know how to read their employees.

One of the best management styles a manager can embrace is the participatory management style. Under this type of management style, the relationship between supervisors and employees is positive. Its a democratic and humanistic form of supervision. Particpatory management is the style of supervision that generally asks for input from employees, but retains the final decision-making power. Furthermore, employees are encourage to be a little more self-directed. Also, the employees talents are respected. Under this type of management, employees tend to be more loyal to the organization and feel some sense of belonging.

One of the least effective forms of management is dictatorial management. This type of supervision does not allow input from employees or those that are being managed. Employees can't make suggestions under this form of management. The manager of the organization has total control. Also, the employees are subjected to micromanagement. If an employee attempts to give his or her opinion, they are considered to be defiant.

Finally, this type of management creates an oppressive work environment. This type of supervision use to be popular. However, organizations have found this type of management to be non-productive. First, it does not allow feedback from the employees. Next, it does not recognize employees talents and styles. Employees are less creative and productive. Also, it creates a distance between management and the employees.

Organizations should have a management style that enhance morales within an organization. The employees should be satisfied. This ultimately leads to customers being satisfied. Also, the management style should motivate the employees. The management style should set a positive culture for the organization.


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