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On Becoming Invaluable - A Game Of Inches
By:Jack K.

The central message of “Acres of Diamond” is for one to find meaning and opportunity where one is, rather than to seek it elsewhere. Russell Conwell illustrated this message by telling a story of a man who sells his lands in a desperate bid to find diamonds in a far off land. The new owner finds diamonds in the land he just bought. Look for diamonds where you live.

This is a lesson that is applicable to all segments of life to include love, money, fame, opportunity, and success. How often have we looked across the street and thought, “wow, his grass looks greener?” Or, looked elsewhere and thought, “There is just no chance to move up here, maybe I should apply to that other company.”

True story – Circuit City opened a new store. They moved the operations manager from an existing unit to run the new store. The old store hired a young man to be an assistant manager in training. This person left his old job, thinking he had little chance of becoming a store manager there, to join Circuit City. Four months later, Circuit City no longer exists. This friend is working at an hourly position in a small video store, looking for a better paying job elsewhere, again.

Sometimes we believe that we are in a rut and need something new or different to get us out. There is that saying, “same-o, same-o.” But, it does not have to be the same mundane job.

Life is a game of inches. Promotions and opportunities are a game of inches. You do not need to radically change who you are and what you do, if your goal is to find opportunity in your backyard. Take a good look at your co-workers and assess how many are just going through the motions or doing just enough to stay employed.

You do not need to change your scenery to escape your rut. The rut is in your mind; all you need is to change your perspective, your paradigm.

Some things you can do where you work to escape the rut:

• Arrive at work 15 to 20 minutes early and leave 10 minutes late.

• Clean your workspace before you leave every day.

• Write a daily list of 10 things to do; cross off what you accomplish; and move the undone task to next day’s list.

• Given a list of tasks to do – ask for deadline and get it done – become the go-to-gal (or guy).

• Volunteer

• Lending a helping hand to a co-worker and step back. Step back, so that all praise for goes to the co-worker you help. No one need know you helped, but the manager will probably figure it out. Karma.

And there are other things you could and should do. I do not profess to have any great insight into all this. I just know that if you give a little more and do a little more; then you leave the others who do just enough behind.

And instead seeking opportunity and promotion elsewhere, you may find it where you are now.

Although not a job getting guru, Jack K. been around the block a couple of time. So, come over and take a look at some of the strategies, tips and advice, a few laughs and a couple of words of wisdom that he’s dispensing at www.landingonyourfeet.com. Sign up for his free newsletter at www.landingonyourfeet.com/submit. Every edition has great tips, articles, and EBooks. Or, check out the true guru’s of Guerilla Resumes at www.penniesonthedollar.org.

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