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Exhausted From Work? - Give Yourself a Break
By:Michael Sanjaya

Sometimes we just work too much. More often than not, a lot of people become workaholic after just a month from getting started with their first job. Being a hard worker is not bad. But if your work is starting to make you feel exhausted most of the time, then you need to have a break. Give yourself a break from work once in a while. Or just simply reward yourself from time to time from all the hard work you have exerted with your career. Now here are some measures you can do in giving yourself a break from exhaustion from working too much:

1. Reward yourself with a fancy dinner. This measure is one great remedy to relax yourself from work. You can do this on weekends such as Fridays or Saturdays. Or if you want, you can do it in the middle of the week like on a Wednesday. Treat yourself for a great dinner at your favorite restaurant for at least once in a week. Or you can go for different restaurant each week to make it even more something that you would look forward to.

2. Take yourself out for a spa. Such measure is one great remedy to make you feel all better. Book yourself at least once or twice in a month for a body massage. Have it done in a weekend so you can take advantage of it all you want. So go ahead and take yourself to the nearest spa in your place. For sure, you will enjoy every moment with of it.

3. Go out with your friends during weekends. This is one very common measure done among young professionals these days. Unwind with your friends during Fridays or Saturdays. Hang out with your best friends on popular bars in your city. This is one way to forget all the worries and frustrations you have from work. It is proven that if you have fun at least once a week with your friends, you will easily cope with work-related exhaustion.

4. Finally, you exercise at least thrice in a week. Take time to walk, dance, and jog or simply clean your house for at least an hour each day. Anything that would let you sweat all the stress that makes you feel exhausted is recommended.

These tips are proven to be effective if done regularly. You don't have to do it all. Doing one or two of these tips will definitely take all the exhaustion away.

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