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5 Strategies to Advance in Your Career
By:Timothy Moreland

For some, career advancement means moving up the ladder at their current company. For others, this can be changing direction in their career, or even moving to a completely different industry. Whichever the case, these are five strategies that are sure to make your career advancement path smoother.

1. Self-evaluation. This is the most important step in deciding on a direction for your career. Before a person starts drawing the route for a trip, he or she must determine the final destination. Similarly, you will not know how to get to where you want to be, if you do not know where you want to end up.

This step involves looking at what you desire from your career, what your motivations are for advancement, and what you are willing to sacrifice in order to advance.

2. Do recon. Just like in the military, you do not want to go into a mission with no information.

If you are trying to earn a promotion at your company, then start observing what your superiors do. Ask around for advice on how to advance or what is required to advance.

If you are moving into a new field, then this information gathering can be more difficult. Utilize the Internet, as well as any contacts you have, for information.

3. Learn the skills. After deciding you want to aim for a promotion or new field, you have to make sure you are fit for that role. This strategy requires that you did solid recon work in the previous step.

4. Build your resume. Ultimately, someone else will probably have to be impressed by you enough to hire you or promote you. This is where building a strong resume comes in handy.

Your resume will likely be the first impression others have of you, especially if you are changing fields.

5. Keep your eyes open. This is the last strategy, but it is essential. Great opportunities are a rare occurrence. Thus, you must seize opportunities for career advancement when they come along. If your head is in the sand, then these chances will pass you by.

Career advancement is not for everyone, but it is certainly attainable for anyone willing and driven to succeed.

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