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How to Exude Confidence in Your Workplace Sans Stepping on Your Boss' Shoes?
By:Larry Icabandi Nabiong

Doing your job would give you a great feeling, more so, if you always deliver the goods. Yes, accomplishing great task, as always, is the result of the Big C. CONFIDENCE. Yes, this great feeling can really send you skyrocketing performance sans difficulty, for you feel extra energy that could even send you to the moon and perform non-stop till everybody drops dead in disbelief.

Yes, confidence really counts a lot. Well, before we digress, here are ways to exuding confidence without making your incompetent boss think that you are a threat.

First, always ask his permission. Yes, whatever task you are assigned to, better consult him whenever you need to do, change something from his original plan or what. There is nothing bigger an issue for an incompetent boss than making him clueless on what's happening around, especially if that project has him as calling the shot.

Second, always make him appear knowledgeable. Even when you know that he needs more up there, let him feel he got something up there. Yes, never make him feel dumb, er an idiot by not giving him the benefit of the doubt, even though you know the truth that he is merely covering up his shortcomings by acting bossy or you know what.

Third, never insult his ideas by pushing your own. Though you were the owner of an idea and yet he still had a brazen face to claim it as his own, still let him appear to your co-workers the one brilliant and all; if it backfires, you are out of the mess and would not have to absorb blames.

Bad thing is, if he then passes the blame on you after the big flop... you better quit being his cat's paw, the sooner, the better.

Yes, there are more ways than three to exuding confidence in the workplace, but what is vital here is you know that too much confidence kills the cat. Nary sane reason to have it over than the ordinary lest you want to prove something. Then, face the consequences.

The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines. Aside from being a grade school teacher, he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. He has joined writing contest in the past, but until now, he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why, he is now trying his luck in this endeavor--blogging-- to find his niche and somewhere, somehow find a way of publishing a book.

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