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How to Handle Difficult Coworkers
By:T. J. Lashley

Got a job that you like but can't say the same about your coworkers?

If this happens to be the case, and you are reaching your end, you may have other options than to seek other employment. Let's take a look at few options or strategies that you have when it comes to dealing with coworkers that are causing unpleasantness in your working environment.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind for the sake of this discussion that every office environment is different and a complete consideration of all circumstances must be taken into consideration.

Certainly the occasional small conflict can be handled on your own and if this happens to be the case; you should probably speak respectfully and privately with the particular person who is being difficult to work with.

Speaking with a coworker with whom you have issue with can be difficult and you'll want to be careful and tactful, and don't assume the worst. Be friendly and pleasant with your approach. Keep in mind that the individual may be quite unaware of your feelings and approaching them with a sharp attitude can only inflame the situation.

How you approach the individual greatly depends on the source of your frustration. That is way it is very important to consider the working environment as well as the situation.

For example, is the frustration work related... as in you feel they aren't doing their job which in turn creates more work for you. Is it their timeliness? Do you feel that they are being unfair or even harassing you? Could it be a hygiene issue? You see there are a variety of complexities to any situation that must be considered.

In today's climate, generally speaking the best approach is to discuss the situation and your frustration with your supervisor. Especially if you have happened to have a conversation with someone and it either wasn't productive, or the coworker continues with the same behavior.

Although the timing of discussion any situation with your supervisor is a judgment call, it rare that having the presence of a supervisory third party would be a bad idea. Especially if the situation and your frustration begins to escalate.

If the situation directly involves work performance and/or company policies then you should without question have the conversation with your supervisor.

Smaller issues, on the other hand, can more often than not be worked out between two adult professionally acting people.

Know your situation and your environment and whether the issue is more a personal difference or a policy problem. Use your judgment as to the best approach... but doing nothing and allowing your frustration and job dissatisfaction to elevate is not the solution.

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