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Find a Mentor to Help Further Your Career
By:Tiffany Provost

If you have plans to make a success of your career, then a mentor is a great person to have on your team. They will have the experience and the advice to help grow your career. Assist your chosen career today by following this guide on finding mentors.

You should consider becoming part of a mentoring program. Many jobs such as teaching make the protégé-mentor relationship a mandatory one. Most jobs do not reveal all they have to offer on the first day, month or even year on the job. This is why a mentor is helpful to you. Orientation at some companies will enable you to work with a mentor. Utilize all the information your mentor offers. You should take advantage of any training that your employer gives you also. Having a mentor at your place of employment can be a very valuable, positive experience.

Make enquiries at professional organizations. A mentor can be found within your professional organization. Try to find people who would be considered 'career veterans'. You should get a mentor who has the same career as that which you want. You can put an ad in the paper for a person to talk with to get advice. There are many people in the same career who may be willing to help you out with your career.

Ask a friend whom you trust. There may be someone who offers to be your mentor before you see you need one. You should be able to find a mentor in a friend or even a family member to aid in growing your career. To help you down your career path, make sure that he or she has the same goals as you. Be sure you are on the same track in terms of what you want to get out of the mentor-protégé relationship. Find a nice friend with morals and a purpose like you have who will mentor you.

Nothing is a useful as a mentor in the workplace. They can guarantee your success. Just seek someone who has the same career description as you do and you'll definitely benefit from developing a mentor-protégé relationship with him or her.

Tiffany Provost writes about mentoring and other career advice for www.HowToDoThings.com.

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