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Mid-life Career Change - Can It Be Done?
By:James Copper

Many people say it is never too late to do things. The same is true for a mid-life career change. You may be a home-based worker who chooses to do other things for a change, or an office employee who wants to get his dream job, or simply someone who needs less stress in life and wants instead a better work-life balance, and new challenges to take on, a mid-life career change is really never too late.

It would be important to know what field you would like to work in. You do this by first identifying the things you dislike most about your previous career and then identifying as well what you like most about it. You can start with this, and just add things you enjoy most or things that interest you. This way, you can move to a different field, but still do the things you love in your previous career. For instance, from being manager at a fast food chain, you can probably make a mid-life career change to become project manager in a charitable institution. This way, you fulfill your interest and love for charitable work, while still honing your leadership and planning skills as a manager. What lifestyle would you want to have? Do you want a home-based career or an 8 to 5 job? Do you want to be able to manage your time, without your boss always nagging at you? These are just some of the important questions to ask yourself when you've decided to take on a mid-life career change.

In addition to finding out the field you would like to shift to, you should also identify your current skills because these are vital as well in making that mid-life career change. What can and can you not do? Are you proficient in communications, leadership, web design, software development, science or health? These are referred to as transferable skills, because no matter what field you are in, they can be very useful. You may also identify your talents and knowledge; you might be surprised to land your dream job because of these.

Knowing your interests and skills is not enough; you also need to have even just a little experience in your target job for a successful mid-life career change. You can do some sort of moonlighting, like volunteering for the company you plan to work for perhaps, or working in a part-time job that entails doing the same things as your target career. These are helpful not only in helping you decide if a mid-life career is really the right path to take, but also in giving plus points to your resume.

Changing careers also entails changes in modes of travel, if applicable. Of course, this is not a problem anymore when you shift to a home-based job because you work in the comforts of your home. In most mid-life career changes, however, there may be modifications not just in the site of work but also in the place you live in. Sometimes you need to move to a nearer area for convenience or, more commonly, you change your mode of travel, be it a daily commute by bus, car, train, or frequent air travels.

You also need to consider other variables, like your target salary and potential for career progression. It is a known fact that making a mid-life career change entails hard work and tough times, even doubts from other people. These should not stop you, though, because it is far better to have a career that you enjoy doing rather than forever working in a job where you feel dissatisfied and always stressed.

James Copper is a writer for www.trainingplace.co.uk

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