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The Job Search - Are You Coming Across As Enthusiastic Or Desperate?
By:Rebecca Metschke

Times are tough. A month or two of unemployment can drag on to six or eight months pretty easily. And it's only going to get worse since the jobs picture lags the state of the economy.

If you're out of work, you may be getting anxious. Your unemployment may be running out, you're wondering about health insurance - and with each passing day, the pool of competitors continues to grow.

Your anxiety is understandable.

That said, avoid allowing your apprehension and your zeal to land something to push you over the line. The "candidate as stalker" syndrome won't generate results. (Actually, on second thought, it might generate a result...but definitely not the one you want.)

This is the person who calls the recruiter every week without fail. "Just checking in," he says. The recruiter has indicated the firm has no jobs that are a match for this candidate right now...but no matter! What if they forget about him? He's not going to chance it! (Hey...he's got this recruiter's home number. Forget the office; maybe he'll start calling there...)

This is the person who interviews for a job and starts with the follow-up calls the next day - and phones every day after that.

Pestering people is not the way to get results. You may be trying to demonstrate that you're enthusiastic or sincere, but believe me - this is not the message you are sending. You're showing that person on the other end of the phone that you have exceptionally poor judgment or that you are desperate - and you can count on the fact that it will reflect poorly on you.

Rebecca Metschke helps professionals improve their marketability. The author of The Interview Edge ( http://www.TheInterviewEdge.com ), a comprehensive career guide to career management, she also writes a daily blog posting strategies, tips and advice for thsoe whose careers are in transition ( http://blog.TheInterviewEdge.com ). You're welcome to friend her on Facebook.

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