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How Much Does a Bartender Make?
By:Sean E Dawson

Along with the question "how much money do bartenders make", you should consider some of the other benefits that stem from bartending. Bartending can provide many other benefits rather than just cash. Bartending allows for travel, social skill development, part-time hours, and relative ease of entry into the profession.

Bartending falls under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. Bartending affords you the opportunity to meet all different types of people and to work at many exciting locations around the globe. A good bartender can work in posh resorts or 5 star hotels and restaurants.

One of the great benefits of bartending is ability to make a full time income from part time hours. Since you can pull in a couple hundred dollars in a few hours, bartending allows for you to pursue other income streams, through either going to college, or starting a business. The extra cash earned from bartending is an excellent way to pay down some outstanding debt.

"How much money do bartenders make?" is an oft asked question. The top bartenders can make around $100,000 per year. Almost all of a bartender's earnings comes from tips.

You have the choice of online bartending courses for about $45, or around $300 to $400 for attending a bartending school. There are many schools that teach bartending, and it only takes about two weeks to complete the course. There are many great online bartending courses that you can get started with today.

Most importantly, the answer to "How much money do bartenders make" is primarily determined by the bartender's ability to attract great tips. In order to make the most money possible as a bartender, you should make it your goal to learn what it takes to attract tips. While you want to be able to know how to mix drinks, the skill you really want to get good at is bonding quickly with your customers so they will like you enough to tip well.

Bartenders have to work efficiently while also being personable. A bartender may be required to maintain stock, as well as organize and clean the glasses. Bartenders are also expected to be great conversationalists who can make customers feel glad they are at the bar.

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