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What does it mean to be a "creative teacher"?
In Response To: How to be a creative teacher? (Nada Pal)

First of all, be clear of what being a creative teacher entails:

1. Be creative in your lesson planning.
2. Be creative in preparing your activities for class.
3. Be creative in implementing in class what you have planned and prepared.
4. Be sensitive to how students respond to it, teachers can be "creative" in many ways, depending on type of individual person that you actually are, and your own way of being creative may not be everybody's cup of tea (i.e., may not be suitable for every student in your class).

Apart from these generalities, I suggest that you make good and responsible use of some worksheet authoring software when preparing handouts for class. You could include images and other things to make it more multimedia-like and interactive. You should also consider outdoor teaching (taking students out of class occasionally to communicate in real-life situations).

The rest is for you to decide, depending on the individual situation of your students, the place where you are, the traditional culturally determined teaching and learning habits, and what a school allows you to do and could eventually provide in terms of materials and media.

I hope that helps.

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