English schools in China

Guangdong - Guangzhou
School:Dawnwood Kindergarten <hr@dawnwood.com>

Who are we

To prepare our children for an increasingly unknown future powered by new technology, we need to do things differently from the very beginning. Dawnwood was founded with an aim to re-think pre-school education from the ground up. Our first kindergarten (for children aged 2-6 years) opened in Sep 2016 in Downtown Guangzhou (a major metropolis of Southern China, 2 hours from Hong Kong). We are no ordinary pre-school, we are:

• An international community of children, families, educators and researchers
• A truly transformative campus in a first-class location, built to promote openness and embrace connections
• The first pre-school in China to present a bilingual, ‘modernised’ approach to the Reggio Emilia philosophy
• A research hub for pre-school educators in the surrounding regions to learn and celebrate learnings together

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