English schools in China

Zhejiang - Yuyao
School:EF Yuyao <[email protected]>

EF Yuyao was founded in 2005 and in it's first year received the star management award for outstanding academic achievement. In 2009 it's sister school in Cixi (located approximately 30kms north of Yuyao) was founded.

The two schools specialize in teaching young learners, although they also offer adult, business and exam preparation classes.

In total the schools have approximately 800 students taught by a team of 14 foreign teachers and local support staff.

The area itself is known for it's rich culture which stretches back as far as 5000 BC and which can still be seen today at the nearby Hemudu site, one of the oldest sites of human civilization in the world. With Yuyao & Cixi now developed, modern, green cities the region offers the chance to experience both traditional China and the China of the 21st century.

Yuyao recently won the award for the happiest cities in China.

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