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Henan - Pingdingshan
School:henanuniversity of urban construction

Henan University of Urban Construction(HUUC) is located in the excellent tourism city - Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, China. Here there are beautiful natural scenery, numerous historical sites and a rich cultural heritage, including the Primitive Neolithic Peiligang Culture, Yangshao Culture and Longshan Culture site, as well as Yao Mountain State-level AAAA Scenery Area and the three Su's Grave-eminent writer Su Shi of Song Dynasty, best-preserved government site of ancient Ye County Office of Ming Dynasty and so on. Here from old times, there have been many famous legacy characters, such as Shen Zhuliang in the Spring and Autumn period, Mo-tse, in Warring States period, famous anti-Jin general, Niu Gao of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), Li Liyuan, writer of Qilu Lantern in Qing Dynasty and Fan Zhongxiu, a famous general in Republic of China.

HUUC's main campus is located to the north side of West Lake of Pingdingshan facing the millennium ancient temple Xiangshan Temple. It was named Garden Unit for its beautiful campus by the government of Henan Province in 2008.

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