English schools in China

School:Culture Yard <[email protected]>

Culture Yard is an international culture center, located in a traditional Chinese courtyard in the heart of Beijing. Created and run by a multi-national team of young and enthusiastic individuals, Culture Yard aims to promote Language and Culture learning and understanding among the local and expat communities in Beijing and beyond.

The first step to understanding is to be able to communicate in each other’s language. Culture Yard therefore offers various language courses in Chinese, English, and other languages with a specific focus on oral communication skills and an extra emphasis on culture related topics. The courses are taught by experienced and dedicated teachers, at different levels in both individual and group classes.

Also outside of the classroom, Culture Yard facilitates language and cultural exchange. Our courtyard is a place to meet, learn from each other, and simply have a good time! With this aim, we organize cultural and social activities, such as: hiking, excursions, movie nights, dinners, events on different countries’ holidays, and much more…

For more information, please contact Culture Yard at [email protected] or 010-84044166. Also feel welcome to visit our courtyard to check out our photography wall: a project to support upcoming photographers from all over the world!

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