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English schools in China

Jiangsu - Nanjing
School:Ameson <jbs@ameson.org>

Ameson Institutes are Chinese Government accredited schools offering Chinese secondary students language and curriculum instruction. Ameson Institutes provide grades 10-12 California curriculum and Advanced Placement courses at affiliated Chinese high schools in Shanghai and in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, and other Chinese Provinces, to meet the demand from local governments.

Ameson Institutes are supported and affiliated with the Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation (AECEF), a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1994. Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali, the former UN Secretary General serves as its honorary Chairman. AECEF coordinates and organizes various educational and cultural exchange activities involving North America, Oceania, Europe and Asia. It maintains a close relationship with many of the world’s leading universities, key international organizations and numerous Chinese authorities, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, colleges, institutions and high schools. The Ameson Institutes also work with AECEF’s international partners to offer Chinese students access to a variety of university preparation programs.

The main campus of Ameson Institute is located in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province. At various times in its long history, Nanjing has been the national capital city of China.

Nanjing is located on the south bank of the Yangtze River. Cities in close proximity (1-3 hours driving distance) to Nanjing are Shanghai, Suzhou (Jiangsu Province), Wuxi (Jiangsu Province), Changzhou (Jiangsu Province), Huzhou(Zhejiang Province), Hangzhou (the capital city of Zhejiang Province) and Hefei(the capital city of Anhui Province).

Many foreign teachers since 1994 have worked successfully with Ameson and its affiliated high schools. They have availed themselves of the excellent opportunity to explore the varied cultures of different Chinese cities and to accumulate significantly valuable experience living in China.

The cost of living in China is quite low. The exchange rate between the Chinese RMB and the US dollar is 6.8:1 (August 12, 2008). Based on Purchasing Power Parity, RMB 2000 can purchase local goods and services in China that would cost approximately $2000 USD in the United States. For example, a bus ticket in China costs RMB 1-2 compared to $1-2 USD in the US, while a working lunch in China costs from 5-10 RMB compared to $4-8 USD in the US.

Accordingly, if your salary is RMB9000/month in China, your living standard would be similar to a standard in the United States costing about $6000/month USD. The monthly salary offered by Ameson from RMB9000 – RMB15, 000, furnishes a very comfortable standard of living in China. The average monthly salary for Chinese teachers within the Yangtze River Triangle Economic Zone is approximately RMB2000 to RMB3500 monthly.

Should you desire further information or have other concerns or questions, please contact:

Mr. LIU Jian

Tel: +86-25-8375 5168 ext 1068
Cell: +86-136 1157 4065
Fax: +86-25-8427 4853

Website: www.ameson.org
Skype: ameson.org
Email: jbs@ameson.org

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