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School:Global Edge Academy <rich@geacademy.com.cn>


Who we are

We are a young company with lots of energy and a passion to bring quality language and leadership training to China. We are a small team of entrepreneurs and educators with a lifelong dedication to sharing our experiences with the next generation.

What we do

We are a services company dedicated to providing high quality leadership and language training to students and young professionals in China.

What makes us different

Unlike most language training schools, our focus is bringing leadership skills into the language learning classroom. We do this by hiring experienced individuals, using case studies, recent news media, and generating critical discussions around global and local issues. Also unlike most Chinese language schools, we are an American-Chinese joint venture and we manage our school using the latest management practices from Fortune 500 companies.

Where we are

We are located in Haidian district, right outside the Renmin University Line 4 subway station. Our address is: No. 2 Zhongguancun Nanda Jie, Shuma Yinzuo (Cybermode) #1006, Haidian, Beijing Postal Code: 100086


An unexpected career choice

Global Edge Academy could be a match for your skills, interests, and goals. As a new venture, we pride ourselves the high level of ownership and responsibility in our work. Whether you are a veteran ESL educator, or a business trainer with industry experience, we leverage your background to fuel projects that help our company grow and help you grow as an individual. Our leadership team consists of teachers, entrepreneurs, former executives, and budding professionals.

Diversity of backgrounds

One of our main strengths is the varied experiences of our people. From grammar and vocabulary tool pioneers, to veteran curriculum writers, to customer service center specialists, to medical English experts, the range of expertise at Global Edge Academy allows us to tackle some of the more complex training problems facing our customers today.

Backgrounds like yours

To give you a better sense of how your background might fit with our school, check out the profile that most resembles your background below:

Chinese University student. As a university student, you typically will join our organization for a short-term engagement as an Intern, where you will be able to gain valuable work experience before graduation. From basic skills such as planning, communicating on the job, to more strategic projects, you will be able to take knowledge from an internship and apply it directly to your first real job.
Chinese University graduate with 2-5 years working experience. As a young professional with less than 6 years work experience, you would be able to join our school as an Service Associate or Service Consultant. In these roles, you will learn to develop and refine sales and customer service processes, develop quantitative skills, as well as project management skills.
Native English Speaker and ESL Trainer with 1-3 years experience. As a trainer with less than 4 years of work, you would typically join us as at the Trainer level. Full-time and part-time Trainers are an integral part of the organization, and they deliver services and providing routine feedback on training to our Service Associates and Consultants, who then communicate with the customers to ensure that we maintain a high level of service. In addition to language and leadership training, Trainers collaborate regularly on various school development projects, such as online content, curriculum development, and process improvement.
Native English Speaker and ESL Trainer with 4-8 years experience. As a more experienced trainer, you would be able to join us at the Senior Trainer level, providing valuable input and insight to key strategic projects across the school, in addition to meeting with key clients and partners and training students. As a Full-time or part-time Senior Trainer, you will help our school maintain its professional image, and help drive the direction and development of projects and policies at our school.
Native English Speaker and Business professional with at least 5 years work experience. As an experienced working professional, you would be able to join us as a Business English Trainer or Senior Business English Trainer, providing input and insight to key strategic projects across the school, in addition to training companies and young professionals. You will also help us maintain our school’s professional image, and help drive the direction and development of key projects and policies.
Roles and career paths

Career path of our training professionals:

Trainer -> Senior Trainer -> Training Director

Career path of our service consultants:

Intern -> Service Associate -> Service Consultant -> Service Director


The day-to-day

We structure our weeks with goal setting and organization at the start of the week, and planning for the next week and weeks to come at the end of the week. We review our performance on a monthly and quarterly basis with the team, and actively share information outside of meetings as needed.

Our full-time trainers typically spend about 40% of their time on projects and planning, and the remainder of the time training students. Our teams collaborate together on customer study proposals, internal projects, and policies. We track and monitor progress through online tools and feedback. Development of curriculum happens often online and can be shared with the team or customers in real-time.

Our full-time consultants typically spend about 60% of their time talking with potential customers and customers. They spend the remaining time driving projects in the areas of customer service improvement, customer data management, and special projects.

How we support your success

Our management team spends a considerable amount of time understanding the development potential and goals of every Global Edge Academy employee. Personal development plans are aligned with projects and are tracked to ensure progress towards goals. In addition, a culture of open and frequent communication is maintained so that goals can achieved on target, and risks mitigated or minimized.

Make your own Global Edge Academy

When you arrive at Global Edge Academy you won’t find a well-worn path to follow. Your projects direction is driven by you. Making your own way accelerates your growth and inspires you to explore. This freedom is at the root of our mission to create a firm that develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

In practice, you’ll have a lot of influence over the projects you work on. Your development needs or particular client needs mean that sometimes we’ll direct you to a specific project. But we’ll also give you the freedom to define your own path.


The application process

Due to the volume of candidates applying for positions with our school, please follow the guidelines below to expedite your application:

Submit your cover letter, resume or CV, and references to careers@geacademy.com.cn
References must include at least one employer and one student/customer
To be more competitive, also send us a sample of your previous projects or work (curriculum, syllabus, lesson plan, other)
We will review your submitted materials and contact you if an interview will be required.
Apply now

Send your application to careers@geacademy.com.cn

How to do well in the interview

Interviews with Global Edge Academy typically have the following components:

A resume/background walkthrough (10-15 min)
A few behavioral and/or “case” questions (20-30 min)
A required short 15-20 minute mock demo lesson or walkthrough
To prepare for these interviews:

Be prepared to talk about your experiences and how they are relevant for an entrepreneurial position.
Be prepared to use specific examples in your answers of your previous experience or performance.
Prepare to give us a structured walkthrough of a lesson you have given or are typically comfortable giving.
What we look for

We hire experienced individuals whose passion for sharing combined with skills and expertise, would be able to push the mission of our school forward. Here are a few characteristics that we look for:

Personal and professional leadership
Business acumen
Strategic thinking
Customer focus
Dealing with Ambiguity
Thought leadership

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