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Beijing Guía de habla español  by: Better Ren
BETTER CHINA TRIP ofrece servicios de guía / intérprete en español en Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an .etc Servicios disponibles: 1. Guías turísticos, traductores e intérpretes de..
Flashcards: Learning English vocabulary efficiently and effectively  by: Alan Jones
One great way of building vocabulary is by using flashcards. Check out this online flashcard resource - which is brilliant for learning new languages and develop your vocabulary.
Novel Dictionaries Now Free  by: Afzal Khan
Dictionaries for Novels for Pre O level and O level Literature are now free for you. Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and Shakespeare Dramas and many more.
Czech This - Living & Teaching in Prague  by: Danny
Are you thinking of living and teaching in Prague? Prague is a great city for expats and teaching English is very popular. But, where do you find out about this great city and everything about living..
Super IPTV Renewal Subscription in Beijing , China  by: SuperIPTV
English IPTV Package total have 151 tv channels so far. If you have silver super iptv box at your home and expired and please contact us for renewal , we can activate it again for one year..
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Online school based in Subic Bay, Philippines is looking for an agent in China  by: Lynk Asia ESL ONLINE
Lynk Asia a successful BPO started to venture into ESL online teaching. We have experienced teachers with ESL experience providing services to children in China, Korea, and Vietnam. We would like to..
International school located in Hangzhou ,China  by: jack
An international high school in Hangzhou ,China wants to find agents all over the world to promote their international program.
Online school is looking for agents in South Korea  by: SkypeEnglish
We are hiring! - Agents located in South Korea needed. You would be in charge of finding new students and other learners interested in learning English by Skype. Your commission would be paid per new..
Online school based in Vietnam is looking for agents  by: Ian Swanson
SkypeEnglish-VN is happy to announce that we're now hiring! - Agents located in Vietnam needed. You would be in charge of finding new students and other learners interested in learning English by..
ESL Teacher recruitment agency based in South Africa  by: Cathy
Good day, NEED ESL TEACHERS? We are a recruitment agency with a broad network with universities and TEFL/TESOL institutions in South Africa. For the last 2 years', we have successfully placed top..
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Ready to grow and advance to higher levels?  by: Imac Ingles Total
Ready to grow and advance to higher levels? Partner wanted for operating new branch of English Language School in your city of choice throughout Mexico. Low investment in exchange for part ownership...
Wanted to Buy – English Schools  by: Modern English
Modern English Learning is a well-established organization providing English language learning solutions in Japan and internationally. We are expanding our organization through local and Master..
School For Sale in Fukuoka Japan  by: TeacherOwner
A fantastic opportunity to enjoy the independence of having your own school including everything required for immediate opening. Alternatively, for the current business owner, a ready to go..
Education Consultant - Expert in setting up a School (India)  by: Kapil badwani
Strategum Eduserve Pvt ltd is a education management service company with 10+ years of experience in establishing and managing the Schools. Pre-Schools, Colleges and Universities. In such a short..
Want a business partner for kindergarten in Uganda  by: Jane
Hullo to you all, Jane is my name i am Ugandan female here to find a partner in my kindergarten business. I am working on a this new project of a kindergarten, as i have love for the kids. I have..
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Host Family in Atlanta, Georgia!  by: Alyssa Beard
My husband and I love to meet and get to know people from around the world! I am a certified teacher with a master's degree in teaching English as a second or other language (TESOL) and have lived..
Beijing Homestay  by: China Home
Beijing Homestay - Travel China to Stay at local family We offer the wonderful homestay or apartment for you in Beijing! Homestay is the effective way to study Chinese, explore Chinese culture,..
Homestay Host in Minnesota  by: M and M Homestay
We are offering a variety of different programs for people wanting to come to the United States of America for furthering their English education, skills, and knowledge, or even pleasure visits to..
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Re: Re MGTOW  by: Another Willie
Your holy mission will be in vain... If I can achieve anything on this forum it will be to reduce the innuendoes and smutty remarks down to an acceptable level.
Re teaching idea  by: Another Willie
There is neither anything linguistic in his posts nor has he ever claimed to hold a doctorate. Both he and Foxy are independent individuals who decided to post on here as I do. And neither of them..
Re teaching idea  by: Pater Noster
I heard it's new form of psychological treatment practised by the grand psychologist Dragonized. You better both go and wank yourselves off.
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Every job has its own facts and misconceptions and teaching ESL is no exception. Here are some of the common myths about teaching English. Myth # 1: Teaching is easy and anyone can do it Teaching in..
Teaching and living in China 2017  by: Bob
Teaching and living in China I’m an educated English teacher. I started teaching English in China last year. What you read here are facts, not based on any kind of opinion. 1. Chinese people spit..
4 Reasons You Will Love Online Teaching  by: Janine
Studying online has been chosen by many people, both kids and adults, through the past years. It becomes more in demand, hence, needs more manpower. Therefore, many teachers, both by profession and..
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Linguistic Investigation for teaching present perfect  by: Rike Neville
Allowing students to discover grammar rules by working together in cooperative learning groups both decreases teacher talk and instills deductive reasoning skills. When students can articulate rules..
ESL Freebies  by: Rolf
Check it out, plenty of freebies for Asian teachers
Free lesson from Stories for Young Readers, Book 2  by: Kinney Brothers Publishing
The is the first (free) lesson Pack from Stories for Young Readers, Book 2 from Kinney Brothers Publishing. File includes readings, puzzles, audio, and answer keys!
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New pronunciation game idea  by: ESL+games
I've just posted a new idea for a pronunciation game based on minimal pairs, haven't had a chance to try it out yet!
How to Multiply Fractions  by: Jen
How to Multiply Fractions If you have mastered adding and subtracting fractions, often multiplying fractions will seem a lot less complicated. Many of the steps feel similar, but much of the work..
Task 2 IELTS practice essays - Two Question Essays  by: IELTS Edits
Task 2 IELTS practice essays Two Question Essays 1. Nowadays we communicate less with our family members face to face. What are the causes of this ? What are some potential solutions ? 2. In many..