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Date: 28 September 2015

We're working with our 3 year old granddaughter on alphabet recognition.

As a part of that, we've made some "tracing pages. Here's how we use them:

First: Show the student the picture of the letter you are learning on Grandma’s alphabet match game cards.

Add one new letter each day.

Have the student trace the letter on the match game cards with their finger and say the name of the letter.

Second: Have the student find the letter on the alphabet bingo boards.

Set out 5 to 10 alphabet bingo boards. Have the student find today's letter. When the student finds a letter, have them say the letter out loud each time they set a chip or marker on the letter.

Celebrate their “find” by singing that letter’s song. The words to each alphabet letter’s song are on each tracing page. Sing them to the tune of “London Bridge is falling down”.

(Repeat the first and second activities until you have gone through all the letters that the student has learned so far. Chips/markers on the bingo boards can accumulate.)

Third: Daily have the student trace the letters on the tracing pages.

Have the student say each letter out loud as they complete it.

If the student no longer needs a complete tracing page for a letter they have learned, have them write that letter on an “I really know this letter well” (page 28 of the tracing file) page.

Fourth: Celebrate for each tracing page completed.

You can celebrate with a star, a cheer, etc. Our 3 year old granddaughter likes to be “thrown in the pit” (tossed on the couch or bed) each time she completes a page.

Fifth: When you are all done learning all the CAPITAL LETTERs, you can play Grandma’s

CAPITAL LETTER alphabet match game to help you remember them.

Begin by using only the letters that the student has learned. Add letters as the student learns more of them.

When a match is made, celebrate by singing the letter’s song!

OR you can play Grandma’s ALPHABET BINGO game.

Sixth: Work on the alphabet sounds by challenging your students to make up their own words for the letter songs.

If you use the same tune as Grandma ( “London Bridge is Falling Down”), please email your songs to:


We’ll include them in this file for others to use too!

You'll find the tracing pages, along with other free reading resources on this website page:


Anybody want to add some doodles/drawings to the tracing pages? You can send me those too!

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