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China: New Exit and Entry Administration law
By:Goodadvice <goodadvice@sina.cn>

New Exit and Entry Administration law is implemented on July 1, 2013 in China. It says NO to foreign people who reside and work in China illegally. The real danger is that they would be questioned by local police officers and then facing a punishment of being fined up to RMB 20,000 and prohibited from entering China up to 5 years once caught. You may read the related website for details.

For those who want to teach English in China, the best way to protect yourself is to get a one-year work visa from some school!

If you are looking for an English teaching job in China, I hope you can read about the following:

1. Schools usually have two terms, one is from March 1 to the end of June and the other is from September 1 to the end of December, you may have to apply for them at the proper time. Right now it is time to apply for a job starting in September only. But for some private schools and training centers, the application may be accepted based on rolling basis.

2. The best way to apply for a teaching job is to contact a school directly, so if you can find a school who post the jobs online for example, at www.Craigslist.com orwww.zhaopin.com, that would be great. Usually the school can get you a work visa (which is the legal and formal document for you to work in China for one year. And you must know that if you get a work visa from a school, you must work for that school until your work visa expires. With this visa, it is illegal if you work for another school unless you can get another work visa from another school.) If you can hardly get a work visa, you should try to get a business visa in order to teach in China legally.

3. If you have to rely on an agent, be very careful, because there are many agents in China, which is totally money-orientated especially those run by rural people. They may decrease the monthly payment to RMB 5000-6000 only (they can do this simply because many teachers abroad don't know about the truth), and they don't provide the air ticket. Generally speaking, in cities, especially in big cities, a foreign teacher with a bachelor's degree and some working experience can make about RMB 12000 per month besides the free room and board provided by the school. Even if you did not get your bachelor's yet, you shall not sell yourself at a low price. This kind of agents even hire people who is not qualified for a work visa and allow them to work with a tourist visa, which is totally illegal. When you have to work with them, you must ask about the details about the school you are interested in. If they say the school is located in city Chengdu (Sichuan), you shall ask where it is exactly, because it may be in somewhere 50 miles away from the city, and located in a prefecture or even the absolutely rural area. If you don't want to live in a boring place, you need to know about the details.

Let other people know all of these so that no one will get deceived.

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