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Re: How to Identify the Reputable Recruiters and the Illegitimate Recruiters in China
By:Hongtao <fao8@helengroup.com>

Sorry, there are government proved ageny in China. The following are the recruiters approved by SAFEA, which can find them on the SAFEA's website. And SAFEA mean State Administration of Foreign Expert Affair.

My name is Hongtao Wu and I am from China Tefl Network( Zhejiang University Helen Chinatefl Network Co.Ltd.) There have been people who left the company and started their own business in this recruiting business, but not sucessful and some of them (or one of them) has been trying to psot words or things against the company and even myself.

Because, ESL teachers' borad does not verify e-mail. They sometime borrow my e-mail address and even claim that i have left the company. Which is so not True.

You can find all teh information about SAFEA proved recruting agency by cliking:


You will see a Chart with the names of the recruiters in Chinese, you can ask your chinese freind to help you to translate or you can use my translation below for the companies.

北京 中国对外人才开发咨询公司 China Foreign Talent Development Consulting company

中国国际人才开发中心 China International Talent Development Center
天津 天津市友好国际交流培训中心 Tianjin Friendly International Communication and Training Center

天津市外国企业专家服务总公司 Tianjin Foreign Enterprises Service Company

天津经济技术开发区人才服务中心 Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone Talent Service Center

天津市留学服务中心 Tianjin Studying Abroad Service Center

天津市远望留学咨询有限公司 Tianjin Yuanwang Studying Abroad Consultation Co.Ltd.
上海 简安商务咨询服务(上海)有限公司 Jane Business Advisory Service (Shanghai) Co.Ltd.

中国国际技术智力合作公司 China International Intelligence Technology Cooperation Company
江苏 爱德基金会 The ED Foundation

苏州市 私出国服务中心 Suzhou Private Abroad Service Center
安徽 安徽美诚人力资源服务有限公司 Anhui Prudential Human Resources Service Co.Ltd.
山东 淄博市国际教育交流中心 Zibo International Education Exchange Center
浙江 杭州浙大海伦外语教育网络有限公司 Zhejiang University Helen Chinatefl Network Co.Ltd.

杭州浙大求是教育服务有限公司 Zhejiang University Truth Seeking Education Services Co.Ltd.
湖南 湖南省教育国际交流协会 Hunan Education Association for International Exchange

湖南省国际人才交流协会 Hunan Association for International Talent Exchange
河南 郑州中盛教育信息咨询有限公司 Zhengzhou Zhongsheng Education Information Consulting Co.Ltd.
吉林 吉林省怡嘉文化教育咨询服务公司 Jilin Yijia Cultural Education Consultation Service Company

吉林省远迪教育交流服务有限公司 Jilin Yuandi Education Exchange Services Co.Ltd.

吉林省四达 私出入境服务有限公司 Jilin SD Private immigration Services Co.Ltd.

吉林省天硕教育交流服务有限公司 Jilin Shuotian Educational Exchange Service Co.Ltd.

吉林省凯文教育交流有限公司 Jilin Kevin Education Exchange Co.Ltd.

吉林省万嘉翻译有限公司 Jilin Wanjia Translation Co.Ltd.

吉林市千禾教育科技服务有限公司 Jilin Qianhe Education Technology Services Co.Ltd.

吉林省凯诺文化教育交流有限公司 Jilin Kainuo Cultural and Educational Exchange Co.Ltd.

吉林省屹钊教育交流有限公司 Jilin Yizhao Education Exchange Co.Ltd.

吉林省美丹佛教育交流有限公司 Jilin Meidanfo Education Exchange Co.Ltd.

长春四达国际教育交流学院 Changchun Sida International Education Exchange Co.Ltd.

长春市佩尔文化咨询有限公司 Changchun Pell Cultural Advisory Co.Ltd.
黑龙江 黑龙江省国际人才交流协会 Heilongjiang Association for International Talent Exchange

齐齐哈尔市联合国际语言教育交流中心 Qigihar United International Language Education Exchange Center

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