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Re: An African English teacher in China
In Response To: Re: An African English teacher in China (Arielle Kelly)

Hi Denis, Yes unfortunately racism runs rampant in China, not only for 'non whites' but for Asians from other neighboring countries. I'm Australian, white and i would say by some of the ESL jobs adds here in China its not going to change in the near future.. ie Native esl teacher wanted 'white only'.. In most civilized countries this type of add would be outlawed.. Its very true that they don't care about you teaching qualities or your proficiency in English, it's all about skin colour, in China they would rather hire a blue eyed blonde haired teacher who is as dumb as a stick of chalk just as long as they 'look good' for presentation for the school to boost enrollments. I'm teaching with my partner here in China, she is Filipino with BA in education with 14 years experience and recently the Chinese gov in all its wisdom has stopped all Z visas for Filipinos because the Chinese gov is still sulking about the island rights in the Philippines sea.. any country that China has a particular stick up their A'''' about on any given day is automatically given a hard time entering China or whilst in China.. China is openly racist but then again so is Japan and Korea, we are looking now at other teaching options apart from China where ability overrides skin colour.. China has certainly lost it's gloss for us with some of the rudeness of simply job replies... "Your white. your partner is not, you are popular she is not, we give you job, you come without her.. I mean what sort of Horse sh'' is that.. My advise for any non native non white teacher is to give China a very wide berth to avoid the inevitable crap and hardship you will face here, there are plenty of other countries that would be happy to take you ie..Laos, Cambodia etc.... Cheers

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