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Rapid English For Mandarin Chinese Speakers
By:Jim Oneil

Native Chinese speakers have reasons to believe that learning a foreign language can be very difficult. As a people that are tightly knit culturally, whether they are in mainland China or in any community elsewhere in the world, they usually talk in their native tongue when among themselves or even in the midst of foreigners. English, even if it were the most simple to learn, is worlds apart from their language that is why many still would not dare learning it. The Chinese, despite their rich culture and their advance in modernization, still consider foreign language learning as a great wall.

There are two major strands of the Chinese language, Mandarin and Cantonese. Between the two, Mandarin Chinese speakers may have fewer reasons not to learn English easily. For one, it is the official language promoted by the government, the academe, and business in mainland China. Elsewhere, most Chinese communities abroad are Mandarin speakers. Hence, in China and abroad, Mandarin Chinese speakers have the most chances of encountering the English language often. This also gives them the higher possibility of learning the language easily and quickly.

If they can acquire one English term every time they listen to the radio, watch TV or a movie, or even by surfing the net. They can certainly learn more by listening to a medium that they can they can use anytime and for as long as they want. One good thing about this is that, unlike dictionaries, this medium can teach them the correct pronunciations of English words by verbalizing and not by confusing hyphens and stresses. It has been proven that for Mandarin Chinese speakers, English is best taught by listening and not by providing them literature written in the even stranger Western alphabet.

An audio file on learning the English language can greatly hasten the instruction for Mandarin Chinese speakers. However, it should not contain the instruction given by any other language course. What can double the speed is that if the audio file or audio book is a self-instruction implement that uses the Pimsleur method of learning. This method has been scientifically proven as the most accurate system for learning a language fast. It does not teach the Mandarin Chinese speaker the intricacies of English grammar and writing. After all, these are not the requirements for one to be able to converse in English.

The Pimsleur method of language learning focuses more on what the student needs to join ordinary conversations in English. It does not make the learner a literary artist in English. Therefore, it teaches in the simplest yet most effective manner. This certainly spells speed learning for the Chinese Mandarin speaker.

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