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Teaching English to Chinese Students
By:Nevin Tracy

In my previous postings, I mentioned to teach English in Asia, introduce the characteristics and tips for teaching Japanese. Today I would like to follow this topic and talk about the ESL teaching in China which should be the fastest growing market for English teachers in the world. Of course, as the neighbor of Japan, the Chinese students may share some similarity with Japanese, such as the weakness in listening and speaking skills of English and the relatively conservative characteristics, therefore, while teaching, the ESL teachers should pay attention to the issues mentioned in my previous articles for teaching Japanese.

For those who prepare to teach English online, they may not have much to worry about but those who are packing up their stuff and beginning a trip in China must be eager to know the environment, salary, culture other issues they would get in touch with everyday.

First of all, about the salary, it is lower than Japan and Korea, but considering about the lower living cost in China, you can still have a very comfortable life. Moreover, for most English teaching positions, the company or school will provide accommodations and return airfare back to your country, and I guess it should be a great plus for determining to work as an EFL teacher in China.

Another thing is being prepared for culture shock. If you reach China and live for a few days, you would find out the Chinese culture is indeed ancient and fascinating, but for a foreigner, the so-called culture shock would make your head spin. But I bet one day you will adapt, love this place and reluctant to leave. Besides, there are many friendly people and fabulous traveling cities in China. So, are you ready to enjoy your amazing teaching journey in China? Of course, these ESL teachers who want to stay their own home but still hope to get an opportunity to teach Chinese, know Chinese people and culture, can check the online English teaching jobs.

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