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How Do People Get Inside the Great Wall of China?
By:Ray Ray Montoya

The Great Wall of China is an important part of China's history, and it continues to be a popular tourist destination. The Great Wall of China is hundreds of miles long, spanning various mountain ranges, terrains and provinces.

Much of the Great Wall of China can be found in tourist designated areas. Tourists and visitors are welcome to see much of the Great Wall of China, but it should be remembered that it is an essential part of Chinese history and treat the area with respect.

The Great Wall of China is an extended connection of ancient fortifications. It originally was constructed with the intent of keeping out the northern nomadic armies out of the Chinese kingdom. Built for military purposes, the Great Wall of China has many watchtowers and embankments. Tourists and hikers sometimes camp inside of these old structures. Before choosing to camp in or on any part of the Great Wall of China, be sure that it is permitted.

Although much of The Great Wall of China is very steep and demanding to walk, much it is constructed like a path or walkway and is popular destination for long distance hikers as well as less ambitious tourists.

There are no restaurants or stores directly on site, so be sure to bring food, water and personal supplies to The Great Wall of China. Trash should be picked up and taken from the campsite.

Guided Tours
From Beijing, visitors can get to the Great Wall of China on by bus or taxi. There also are many guided tours available. Many Great Wall tourism businesses have websites.

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