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How to Bargain in China
By:Andy Noorlander

Learn how to shop like a local in China. With the exception of some modern malls and stores, most shops in China don't have price tags on products so shopkeepers will come up with a price depending on the customer. Bargaining is expected so shoppers have to be prepared to first be given a price two to 10 times higher than what the seller will actually accept for the product. Learning some basic bargaining skills will help ensure you don't walk into a gauntlet of shops feeling overwhelmed and then walk away feeling ripped off.

Find out where the Chinese are shopping. Shop owners will be used to selling things for less. Tourist areas are going be full of shop owners who know they can get more from their buyers.

Learn some of the shopping lingo. The more experienced you appear, the more the seller will assume you know how things go.

When possible, plan multiple purchases from the same person rather than buying something here and something there. It’s easier to get cheaper prices on multiple purchases.

Never look too excited about a product. The more you show you want it, the more the salesperson will assume you’ll pay. If you’re not getting the price you want, begin to walk away and see if she’ll give in. If not, you’re either dealing with a stubborn salesperson or you’re actually asking for too low a price.

Have exact change for what you want to pay in a shop. Avoid showing wads of money or asking for change from a large bill.

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