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Things to Take When Traveling to China
By:Erin Schreiner

A trip to China is a serious undertaking for which you must adequately prepare. If you are planning a trip to the Orient, put care into the packing process to ensure that you have all of the supplies you require to make your trip a comfortable one. If you fail to exercise caution, you may find yourself in a foreign land lacking the simple supplies you need to move through your daily life.

As with any international travel, you must pack your passport for your trip to China. If you do not currently have a passport, apply at least six months in advance of your planned trip to ensure sufficient processing time.

Voltage Adapter
While electrical appliances are designed for a 110-volt system, Chinese wall outlets deliver 220 volts of electricity. Purchase a voltage adapter for your trip to ensure that you can effectively use your plug-in appliances while on your trip. Failure to properly use a voltage adapter may result in damage to your electronic devices.

Chinese Currency
The official currency of the People's Republic of China is the Renminbi. While you can often use your banking cards in foreign ATM machines, it is wise to convert at least a small portion of currency to the currency you must use in the country you plan to visit, prior to your trip. By doing this, you ensure that you are never without cash and can handle immediate needs like cab rides from the airport to your hotel.

China Travel Book
Select a book that outlines the sights that make China such a distinctive tourist destination. Look for a book that contains detailed maps and information about the specific areas that you plan to visit to ensure that you have the information required to have a productive and enjoyable trip.

Reservation Printouts
Print out copies of any reservations you have made for your trip. Taking a paper copy of these reservation confirmations is wise as having these confirmations can make it easier to clear up any confusion you may encounter during check-ins.

Research the current climate of the place that you intended to visit and pack accordingly. Even if the climate is warm at the time of your visit, pack at least one garment to bundle up in in case of a sudden temperature change. If planning a long visit, consider packing laundry supplies and washing your clothing instead of stuffing your suitcase with garments.

Pack enough of your basic soaps, shampoos and medicines to ensure your comfort and hygiene on your trip. Be cognizant of ever-changing airline regulations regarding liquids in carry-on luggage to ensure that you do not have to toss your favorite potions before boarding your flight to China.

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