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How to Book Train Travel From Hong Kong to China

The rail system in China is one of the most used rail systems in the world. Routes between Hong Kong and various destinations in China such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are some of the most popular. They offer a great way to see the Chinese country side. Follow these steps to start planning your trip.

Book Your Train Travel from Hong Kong to China

Book affordable tickets from Hong Kong to other locations in China by visiting China-Train-Ticket.com (see Resources below) or by calling 011 (+86) 10 65 26 67 21 .

Visit the reservations office at the station to purchase tickets. Train stations in major cities often have reservations offices exclusively for foreign visitors.

Remember that the ticket office in Hong Kong accepts cash purchases only. Keep the reference number you were given online when you purchased your tickets and present that with your cash payment at the window to receive your tickets.

Select your destination. Trains run from Hong Kong to Shanghai, Beijing and many other destinations within China.

Getting Around the Hong Kong Train Station

Keep your Octopus card handy. This electronic card is similar to a "fast pass" card in the United States. It will allow you to simply hold the card up to a sensor to by pass busy ticket gates.

Remember that train travel from Hong Kong to China is extremely popular. The train station in Hong Kong can be very confusing. Double-check your destination and departure platform.

Arrive early. As soon as you arrive at the station, locate your line and platform and verify that it's the right one. You can go back and get something to eat or browse for souvenirs once you've confirmed your platform and departure time.

Prepare for Your Train Travel Between Hong Kong and China

Bring plenty to read. It's a long trip from Hong Kong to Beijing. You'll need lots to keep yourself occupied, though the spectacular scenery will do a lot to alleviate your boredom.

Reserve a deluxe soft sleeper car. The Hong Kong to China lines have hard sleeper, soft sleeper and deluxe soft sleeper options at affordable rates. The deluxe soft sleeper is the most comfortable. It's reasonably priced enough to appeal to even budget-conscious travelers.

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