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How to Book Train Travel From China to Mongolia

The wide open spaces of Mongolia conjure up images of historical nomads and stories of Genghis Khan. The train ride into Mongolia affords tourists a good view of Mongolia's vast flat lands.

Select a Point of Departure:

Consider scheduling your trip from Beijing, China, for ease of access to the train station. Many trains stop at the busy Beijing station.

Book your trip from the border point of Erlian, China, for a shorter journey. Taking a train from this station shaves 13 hours off your travel time.

Plan Your Trip Around the Train Schedule:

Plan to depart around 7:40 a.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday if you are taking the train from Beijing.

Expect to depart around 6 p.m. on Monday or Friday if you choose to take the train from Erlian.

Book Your Train Travel From China to Mongolia:

Choose the K3 or the K23 trains from Beijing depending on your preferred day of travel. The K3 express train departs on Wednesdays only while the K23 departs on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Select your class of travel on the K trains from deluxe, soft sleeper and hard sleeper. Prices vary according to the class of ticket.

Book a ticket on the regular #21 train if leaving from Erlian, China.

Use the services of a travel agency to purchase your ticket or buy your ticket from a ticket office.

Prepare for Your Journey to Mongolia:

Contact a Mongolian Embassy for inquiries on visa requirements. US citizens do not need tourist visas.

Know that visa requirements vary from country to country if you are away from your country of citizenship.

Verify that visa information given at the embassy remains the same before submitting your forms. Regulations could change in a matter of weeks.

Apply for the appropriate visa, if one is necessary. Visas are usually for a 30-day duration. A letter of invitation is required for longer stays.

Take the Train From China to Mongolia:

Consider your departure time when arriving at the train station. You will need ample time to navigate the station if it is busy.

Confirm the track number and departure time of your train at the information booth. Be aware that many station employees will not speak English.

Prepare to spend about 30 hours on board if taking one of the K trains from Beijing.

Plan for the 17-hour journey if taking the #21 train from Erlian.

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