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Places to Visit - Beijing China
By:Butler Weldon

Beijing, the capital city of China and a city also known as Peking in English, is a city with a rich culture and tradition. It is a place that shares its 3000 years of history, an amazing mix of the old and new. But, before we go deep into what Beijing may offer, let us first know where exactly Beijing is. The absolute or exact location of Beijing China is at 39 degrees 55 minutes north latitude and 116 degrees 20 minutes east longitude, and it is located at the northern region of the People's Republic of China. The city of Beijing China which has a land area of 16,807.8 square kilometers or 6,489.5 square miles holds a population of over 22 million people. As previously mentioned, having a 3000 years worth of stories to share, China had over 20 dynasties. The very first was of the Xia Dynasty and the very last was the Qing Dynasty, wherein the latter made Beijing the capital of China.

Being familiar of Beijing's history would not help us with appreciating the essence and beauty of the place, but rather to visit and witness its culture would give us a firsthand experience of what Beijing China has to share.

First stop would be the Forbidden City. It is located in the center of Beijing China which houses the Palace Museum. For over 500 years, this city served as the abode of former emperors for most of the dynasties that ruled over China. When going to the Forbidden City, there would be some preparations that need to be done. First off, would be to choose when to visit the said city for during weekends of Chinese Holidays it would be packed with a volume of tourists and locals. Second is to know where you would enter the city. It has two entrances, one on the north side which is the Northern Gate or the Gate of Divine Might and one on the southern side which is Southern Gate of the Meridian Gate. The former is advisable to enter the city through the northern gate during the peak season or on weekends and the latter is advisable to enter during low tourist season and weekdays. Third would be to wear comfortable attire for walking because there would be long walks inside the city.

Next stop would be the Tiananmen Square. It is well-known for its history and great cultural significance for it is the place where important events in Chinese history took place. When visiting the square, it is advisable to follow the strict rules and regulations implemented by the government for safety purposes.

And last but not the least would be the Great Wall of China, approximately 80 kilometers north from the Forbidden City. The Great Wall of China is a series of stone and earthen fortifications which was built, rebuilt and maintained from the 5th century BC until the 16th century. It is the longest man-made structure with a length approximately over 6,400 kilometers (4,000 miles) which serve as protection from invaders and a symbol of power. And now, it serve as a national treasure for China and is belongs to the 7 Wonders of the World. Visiting the great wall will surely entail a long walk that is why it is preferred to go wearing casual and comfortable attire. It is recommended that you wear comfortable rubber sole shoes and wind and rain resistant clothing because some parts of the Great Wall are located in the mountain and conditions in these areas are unpredictable.

These are but only a few places to visit in the beautiful capital of China. There are a lot more to discover, where the old meets the new, in China's political and cultural capital, Beijing.

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