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Reasons Why You Should Visit Xingping
By:Jeanie Hore

XingPing.....Where is it?

It's only 25km from the famous town of Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

How do I get there?

You have four easy choices:

1. Catch a bus at the Yangshuo bus station....the bus leaves every 15 minutes

2. Catch a bus to Yangdi from the Yangshuo bus station, then travel by raft down the Li River to Zingping

3. Hire a bike in Yangshuo and take the scenic bike route to Xingping

4. Travel by raft from Yangshuo to Xingping along the Li River

Thirty Four reasons why you should visit Xingping.

• XingPing scenery is forever immortalized on the 20 Yuan note.

• 1,800 years of history on display.

• Visit the old Temple that's now a Museum of local history.

• Enjoy spectacular scenery in any weather.

• Be amazed by the pointy Karst Hills that surround the town.

• The famous scenic Li River passes by.

• A photographer's paradise. A haven for artists.

• A small town; an hour stroll will take you all around the town.

• The Old Town buildings have been protected by the Government.

• View authentic old buildings still lived in by the locals.

• Experience village daily life as it's always been.

• Take leisurely raft trips to view the best scenery of the Li River.

• Visit the famous Fishing Village either by raft or hiking.

• Hike the many easy scenic trails leading to smaller villages.

• Climb Laozhai hill in the middle of town for amazing views.

• Shop at the gift shops which are cheaper than in Yangshuo.

• No hard sell from local business owners.

• Several very good restaurants with Western style Chinese food.

• Most restaurants have free internet available.

• There are English menus at the fast food, noodle/stir fry restaurants.

• Delicious BBQ stalls are open during the evening for casual outdoor dining.

• Very good western style accommodation is available.

• An excellent place to sit back and quietly enjoy the environment.

• Quiet evenings. All restaurants sell alcohol and coffee for leisure time.

• No pollution....clean air.

• With the right weather you will see spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

• A very safe place however be careful of pick pockets during busy times.

• Hire a bike to visit the surrounding villages and countryside.

• Enjoy the busy market day where life goes on as it always has.

• Visit the crystal cavern of the nearby Lotus Caves.

• Walk to the Nunnery to view over 400 years of history.

• Enjoy white water drifting in the nearby Longjing River for a thrill.

• A much quieter environment than nearby Yangshuo.

• A pristine natural environment.

http://www.tourwithjeanie.com. This is a small specialty tour for those who don't want to rush around and want time to soak up the atmosphere. You will get to see life in real China. In Xingping you can buy unique oil paintings of the local scenery at my Gallery, 79 Old Street.

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