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Mount Tai- a crazy Chinese adventure
By:Travel Expert

Planning to go on a holiday to China? Just do not miss visiting one of the top 10 peaks, Mount Tai. It is also considered one of the "Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism". Sunrise, birth and renewal are synonymous to it. It is known to be the centre of religious activities with captivating relics and artworks too. Enchanting scenery and magnificent sunsets would surely sooth your heart. Missing Mount Tai traveling in China is surely not done.

Mount Tai has a great cultural and historical significance apt for visiting. You'll locate it at the north of the city of Tai'an, in Shandong Province, China. Humans stepped first at Mount Tai in as back as Paleolithic Period and started settling in from neotholic period onwards. During Spring and Autumn Period, it lay on the boundaries of the States of Qi situated at the north and Lu at south. Even the name of the neighboring city, Tai'an refers the common saying, "If Mount Tai is stable, so is the entire country". It has been worshiped from 3,000 years from the time of Shang to Qing Dynasty.

Mount Tai is considered to be the epitome of splendid Chinese culture and was also listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987. It is considered to be pre-eminent among the top 10 mountains in China because it has been officially during the reign of Emperor Wu Di of Han Dynasty. Also as per the doctrine of five elements dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period, east holds the significance of birth and spring and so the Mount Tai standing at the eastern edge of Northern China Plain.

You'll be amazed to behold the natural beauty of the place which is commendable and outstanding in every respect. The deep valleys, lofty peaks, beautiful waterfalls etc. would surely make you prolong your stay and enjoy the blissful surroundings. Apart from the natural beauty Mount Tai has lots to offer the travelers as various historical relics, religious monuments, sunsets, waterfalls, the Four wonders etc. which are not to be missed at any cost once in China.

Mountain Top Monasteries are also worth visiting to peep into the cultural heritage of China. You'll come across various carvings of prayers and meaningful phrases on the rocks which are quite interesting and knowledgeable. As you hike up the mountain see all the ancient altars, gates and archways and have a real feel of the place being one with it.
Make a visit to the Temple of God of Mount Tai, Dai Temple located at the foot of the Mount. It is said to be one of the complete and the most ancient building in the area. You may not even have enough time to visit and notice all 22 temples, 819 stone tables, 97 ruins, 1,018 cliff-side and stone inscriptions located here. The temples most visited are Azure Cloud Temple and the Divine Rock Temple. It is there fore called to the museum of china's cultural relics and artworks. So, do make a visit of this culturally, historically and religiously rich mountain top in China.

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