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Instructions for Chinese Visa Application
By:laoshi joe

1. Passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and available blank pages for visa;

2. One properly completed Visa Application form. Click to download the Visa Application form.

You will need Adobe to view the Visa Application Form; if you currently do not have this programme on your pc, please click on the Adobe Icon on the left to download.

3. A recent passport-size photo affixed to the Visa Application form;

4. Relevant documents for different types of visa:

for business "F" visa: an official invitation from the appropriate Chinese government departments, companies or institutions that are authorized to request the Embassy or the Consulate Generals to issue a visa.
for tourist/family-visit "L" visa: a confirmation letter from a Chinese travel agency, or a confirmation from a hotel in China, a copy of the round-trip tickets to China, or an invitation letter from a relative in China. Please note that the Embassy and Consulate Generals do not issue individual visas for tourists to Tibet. All applicants travelling to Tibet need to contact their local travel agency to obtain confirmation for group visa of no less than 5 people from the Tourist Bureau of Tibet (TTB) at Fax: 011-86-891-6834632 or Tel: 011-86-891-6829347, or E-mail: ttourpublic.ls.xz.cn.
for student "X" visa: A. Foreign Student Visa Application Form "JW201" or "JW202" issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. B. An enrollment letter from the receiving university in China.
for employment/work "Z" visa: A. an Employment License issued by the Chinese Labor Ministry. For applicants to be working in an academic institution, a confirmation issued by the Chinese Foreign Experts' Bureau. B. an official invitation issued by a Chinese government agency.
for transit "G" visa: A. a valid visa of the country of destination; B. an air ticket showing transit through China.
for journalist's "J-1" or "J-2" Visa, please first contact the Press Office of the Chinese Embassy or consulate.
for Crew Members of unscheduled flight of private aircrafts or vessels, please first apply with appropriate Chinese authorities for landing/docking permit.
for group visa, which is issued to tourist group of five people or above planning to enter and leave China at the same time and via the same airport or border-crossing:
A. an invitation letter from a Chinese travel agency;
B. an authorized group visa number given by the Chinese travel agency;
C. copies of the information pages of the applicants' passport;
D. three properly completed group visa forms, which can be obtained from the Chinese travel agency or the Embassy.

5. Other documents deemed necessary by the Visa Officer.

6. Visa application fees:

6-month Multiple
12-Month Multiple $50 CAD
$75 CAD
$100 CAD
$150 CAD

Visa processing takes 3-5 working days. For special cases, rush service is provided. The rush service fees are rated as follows:
$50 CAD extra per person for 24-hour service,
$35 CAD extra per person for 48-hour service.

Notice: The Embassy and the Consulate Generals do not accept personal cheques. Please make payment by cash, money order or company cheques.

All requirements listed above are subject to change without notice at the discretion and interpretation of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate Generals.

Source: http://www.tourismchina-ca.com/visainstruct.htm

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