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Beautiful Broadbeach: Life's a Beach  by: Richard Greaves
If you subscribe to the idea that life's a beach, then Broadbeach just south of Surfers Paradise on Queensland's Gold Coast is just the place for you. The place has a sublime climate and some of the..
Katoomba Blue Mountains Is the Bushwalking Capital of Australia  by: Sidney Morgan
If you're short on time or don't have your own transportation, but want to get away from it all, then go to Katoomba. Katoomba is certainly no secret to residents of Sydney. When Sydney locals feel..
looking for a travel mate in australia  by: Nishoshay saigal
i wish to bagpack across australia and need a travel mate female or a male who is a local and has the urge to travel. expenses to borne equally. i will be spending a month . any ideas ?? nosh mumbai..
Fascinating Fremantle: Fremantle in a Nutshell  by: Richard Greaves
Perched at the mouth of the Swan River some 12 miles from Perth, Fremantle offers much to the holiday maker. For one thing, the climate is delightful. Then there are the charming old heritage..
Adelaide, Australia  by: John Parks
Adelaide, South Australia was recently granted Australia 's highest heritage honor with its inclusion on the National Heritage List. Named after Queen Adelaide, the consort of King William IV, this..
Five More Great Reasons to Visit Darling Harbour  by: Richard Greaves
From a run down docks area, Darling Harbour became Sydney's spanking new harbourside leisure park following renovations for the Australian Bicentennial in 1988. It's now one of Sydney's most popular..
New Zealand Is For Lovers - Of Adventure, That Is: Travel To New Zealand  by: Frank Johnson
Although often times in the gigantic shadow of its Australian neighbor, New Zealand is worlds apart from any experience found elsewhere and it is geographically much farther southeast than most..
Festive St Kilda  by: Richard Greaves
There's something always happening at St Kilda, the seaside suburb just four miles from downtown Melbourne. After all, it's the beach resort of choice for Melburnians so the place is buzzing all day..
looking for a travel mate in australia  by: Nishoshay saigal
i wish to bagpack across australia and need a travel mate female or a male who is a local and has the urge to travel. expenses to borne equally. i will be spending a month . any ideas ?? nosh mumbai..
Sydney, Australia Travel  by: Kristy Annely
Sydney is Australia's oldest city and is located along the coast in the south eastern part of Australia. It is a very beautiful city with a lot of attractions and activities. Sydney is comfortable to..
The Allure of Adelaide: Glenelg  by: Richard Greaves
Glenelg is the resort of choice for Melburnians and deservedly so. Its perfect location on the shore of Holdfast Bay in Gulf Saint Vincent, gives it a scenic setting to add to its old world charms,..
The Best Beaches In Australia  by: Andrw Clark
Australia is the flattest continent, with the oldest and least fertile soils; desert or semi-arid land commonly known as the outback makes up by far the largest portion of land. The heart of the..
Why should you study English in Australia?  by: Richard Brown
There are many choices of country when it comes to choosing an English language course. Why should you study English in Australia? To get the most out of your English learning experience you need..
Etiquette in Australia  by: Alyssa Davis
Australia, as the largest portion of the overall Australasia region, is primarily an English-speaking area. However, to listen to the language spoken can be somewhat confusing for those who are not..
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Clubbing in Brisbane  by:
Brisbane is a city that has a diverse and exciting range of attractions and activities to keep you busy. Take the lift to the top of the neoclassical tower at City Hall and get a great view of the..
Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Explore Albany and Surrounds  by: Sidney Morgan
Originally settled by convicts and used as a military base, Albany was first settled in 1827, making it the oldest city in Western Australia. Back in the early 19th century, the French had their eye..
Relocating to Australia - Answering Some of Your Questions When Moving to This Country  by: Thesa Sambas
Australia is a country situated at the southern hemisphere of the globe. It is the home for the smallest continent in the world and is comprised of small islands including that of Tasmania. It has..
Unique Melbourne: All the World in Australia  by: Richard Greaves
One of the greatest pleasures of a visit to Melbourne is the opportunity to sample its cosmopolitan offerings. Where else in the world can you sip an espresso in Little Italy, shop in Chinatown and..
Immigration to New Zealand  by: Raoul Britow
This article is about the correct way of approaching immigration to New Zealand in a way that is the most cost effective and at the same time reducing mistakes and minimizing stress. I immigrated to..
Top Five Attractions to See on an Australian Vacation  by: Craig Elliott
It can be a challenge to come up with a list of the top five attractions in a country that's as big and diverse as Australia. If you have visited the "Land Down Under" before, you may have your own..
How to Plan Trips to Australia  by: Sabah Karimi
So you just got back from a Baz Luhrmann movie, and you've suddenly become infatuated with the land down under. You have no choice: You must go to Australia. However, Australia is a huge country...
A Guide to Brisbane Airport  by: Mairead Foley
Brisbane Airport is the only airport serving Brisbane and is one of the busiest in the country. You will find both the International and Domestic terminals here so you can arrive in Australia and..
Darwin, Australia  by: Gary Wonning
After six days in the outback, Darwin was a welcome sight, we were all looking forward to a shower, change of clothes, and a scrumptious dinner at one of Darwin's restaurants. Darwin, located on the..
5 Must See Destinations in New Zealand's North Island  by: Mark T James
After you have finalised your travel insurance details it's time to start planning your North Island holiday. New Zealand is famous the world over for each unique array of attractions not to mention..
New Zealand - One of the Top 10 Countries to Retire to For the Rest of Your Life  by: Stephanie Hofstetler
If you are looking for a quiet and semi-distant place but would still allow you to keep in touch with your family, friends and the rest of the world, then you should consider retiring in the island..
Visiting The Popular Tourist Destination of Sydney Australia  by: Sidney Morgan
As the latest slogan says: "There's no place in the world like Sydney." No one who has visited Sydney would disagree with that statement, but they might have a hard time telling you exactly why it's..
Melbourne: Discover Its Spectacular Sites  by: Bei Maniago
Melbourne's laidback pace is ideal for taking pleasure in its elegant Victorian architecture, its abundant parks and gardens, as well as its many cultural exhibits. Majority of the city's key sights..
Top 5 Restaurants in Australia  by: Karen Cooke
One thing Australia is certainly not short on is first class restaurants. There are an abundance of wonderful restaurants where you are sure to be more than satisfied with the delicious cuisine, with..
Australian Immigration Experience - Arriving in Australia  by: John D Hamman
Immigration to Australia, or to any new country or culture, is filled with ups and downs. Victories and failures, joys and frustrations. The experience can be quite daunting and scary. But hearing..
5 Exciting Destinations in New Zealand's South Island  by: Mark T James
Once you've got your travel insurance organised it's time to start planning your exciting New Zealand holiday. The South Island is chock-full of attractions from picturesque towns, stunning mountain..
Captivating Coolangatta: More Than Just the Beaches  by: Richard Greaves
Holiday makers pour into Queensland's Gold Coast primarily for the beaches. With 300 days of sunshine a year, the golden sands of the area make for an outstanding beach holiday experience. But what..
What to Do in New Zealand  by: Kat Beechum
"Ki Ora! Welcome to New Zealand!" This is often the comment you will get when you step off the plane into one of our international airports at Christchurch, Hamilton or Auckland. New Zealand is an..
A Guide to Surfing in Australia  by: Orson Johnson
If you are a big surf fan, then going "down under" to the land of Australia would be furthest from a disappointment to you. In fact, the only thing that might disappoint you would be not getting to..
7 Important Traveling Tips When Traveling in Australia and New Zealand  by: Benny Horowitz
Traveling tips for Australia and New Zealand can be but peculiar, matching the uniqueness of the places you are going to visit! 1. Drive on the left-land lane If you are in the driver seat and the..
Looking to step into a world of hot awe-inspiring night ,GO Perth  by: Gaurav Ks
Today the City of Perth continues its evolution into one of Australia's most distinctive and welcoming cities with a friendly, multicultural population. Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is..
How to Get a Visa For Aged Parents  by: Dylan Lautner
Subclass 804 is a permanent residence visa for aged parents. This Australia visa requires a sponsor ---either a child or another eligible sponsor. There is minimum age requirement of 65 for men. For..
Fabulous Fremantle: Western Australia’s Shoppers Paradise  by: Richard Greaves
One of the great pleasures of visiting enchanting new places such is the chance to pick up some of the local products. And whether as keepsakes, souvenirs or just clothes or jewellery to wear,..
Melbourne: City on the Yarra  by: Richard Greaves
The Yarra River is truly the heart of leisure and tourism in Melbourne. It gives the city its freshness and focus and is the site of non-stop activity. All manner of boats ply its waters and a host..
Understanding Australia's Entry Requirements  by: Alyssa Davis
Before traveling to a different country, it's important to fully understand any entry requirements that may exist. After all, the time to know that you need a visa or Electronic Travel Authority..