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New Zealand Vacation - Ideas For New Zealand Gifts
By:Barbara Morgan

Christmas is one of the best times of year to plan a vacation to New Zealand. This is because the weather is fabulous, there are holiday festivals and events held across the country and there are lots of opportunities to go gift shopping for New Zealand products. Some of the New Zealand products that make great holiday gifts include New Zealand wines, Maori products and New Zealand Spa Gifts.

New Zealand Wines

New Zealand has several wine production regions. The top regions for producing domestic wines are: Waiheke Island, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Martinborough, Wairau Gulf, Omihi Hills and Waipara. The wines that are produced in these regions range from white wines to deep red wines. A few top New Zealand wine brands include: Amor-Bendell Wines, Cape Campbell Wines, Foxes Island Wines, New Zealand Fruit Wines and Quartz Reef Wines.

Maori Gifts

The Maoris are the original inhabitants of New Zealand. They are spread throughout the country and have several different tribes, each of which has their own unique style of crafts and cultural trades. As you visit the shops and Maori tourist attractions you will want to pick up Maori products to give away as gifts. Some of the products that make great gifts include: bone carvings, wood carvings, silver jewelry, jade jewelry and Maori dolls.

New Zealand Spa Gifts

If you will be visiting the North Island of New Zealand then make sure you stop by at least one of the thermal spas. These spas are unique in that they are fueled by volcanic activity in the area. The thermal mud baths in particular are very popular with tourists and locals. Before you leave the spa stock up on unique New Zealand spa products like bath salts, volcanic mud treatments and aromatherapy products.

New Zealand Tourist Gifts

What would a vacation to New Zealand be without purchasing the obligatory tourist trinkets and souvenirs. While somewhat cheesy to locals, they make great mementos and great gifts for those who couldn't come with you to New Zealand. To make sure you have memories of your trip to New Zealand put a little money aside to buy things like New Zealand T-shirts, sun visors, travel books and postcards.

Selecting the Perfect New Zealand Gifts

In order to get all the gifts that you want to, and need to, while on vacation it is a good idea to plan ahead. Before you leave ask the people you plan on shopping for in New Zealand what they would like. For example, one person may want a T-shirt from Kelly Preston's Antarctic Adventure, while another person may want a jar of a thermal mud for a facial. This list will help you find the items that you want to buy and it will ensure that you get everything you need to before you leave for the U.S.

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