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Travel in Australia and New Zealand

How to Travel Australia on One Ticket

From the Great Barrier Reef off of the eastern coast to Uluru/Ayers Rock in the Outback and over to Perth on the western coastline, Australia is a beautifully enchanting but vast country. Unless you're privy to specials, travel deals and discounts, you can end up spending thousands of extra dollars as a tourist touring Down Under. Travel Australia on one ticket and save money and enjoy hassle-free travel while touring.

Traveling Australia by Air Pass

Know that seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are opposite from those in the Northern Hemisphere. So, peak summer season in Australia is during December and January.

Travel Australia on one ticket with an "Aussie Airpass." The Qantas air pass is an international round-trip ticket that also allows you 3 stops within Australia. Prices range from $1099 to $2399 (peak season). Typical packages are divided into zones. Additional cities can be added to any zone for $123 each.

Choose "Zone 1" if you want to travel to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra (the capitol) and cities in Tasmania.

Pick "Zone 2" to travel between Darwin, Alice Springs, Uluru/Ayers Rock and famous eastern coastal cities, such as Cairns, and island destinations, such as Hamilton Island near the Great Barrier Reef.

Decide on "Zone 3" if you'd like to travel Western Australia to Perth and Broome. This Zone also throws in Hayman Island located on the East Coast as your first destination as you travel Australia on one ticket.

Call Qantas reservations for the "Aussie AirPass" departing from the U.S. at 1-(800) 227-4603. Ask for other package deals associated with your ticket (e.g., car rental). Get discounts through Qantas for air travel from connecting cities in the U.S. if you have to fly from another city to get to Qantas hubs, Los Angeles (L.A.), San Francisco or Honolulu.

Know that cities can be grouped by theme packages as well-like "Wine and Culture" includes L.A. to Sydney; Sydney to Melbourne; Melbourne to Adelaide; Adelaide to Brisbane; Brisbane to L.A. or "Beautiful Beaches" includes L.A. to Sydney; Sydney to Gold Coast; Gold Coast to Melbourne; Melbourne to Brisbane; Brisbane to L.A. These 2 packages cost about $2000.

Look for package deals and discounts for other travel services as well under the link, "Partner Specials" (e.g., Hertz car rental, Uluru/Ayers Rock tours and vacation packages including travel to South Africa via Australia) while you travel Australia on one ticket.

Contact other airlines for Australia air passes as well. Rex-Regional Airlines offers a "Backpacker Air Pass," which allows you to take up to 2 months to fly around Australia-the unlimited 1 month pass is $499 and the unlimited 2 month pass is $949. Check out also the website for "GoWayAir" to find cheap one ticket air passes and packages.

Traveling Australia by Rail Pass

Buy an "Aussie Flexi-Pass" if you want to spend time touring and trekking around between Perth, Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin. Austrail "Flexi-Pass" includes service on CountryLink, Queensland Rail and Great Southern Railways.

Book a 15 or 22 day "Flexi-Pass" and take up to 6 months to tour around. The 15 day pass costs $950 and the 22 day pass is $1330. Only days spent on the train are deducted from your pass during the 6-month period.

Purchase the "Backpacker Rail Pass' for traveling between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (both directions). Take up to 6 months to complete your touring.

Receive 4 bonus "City Rail" passes with your "Backpacker Rail Pass," including a "Day Tripper" ticket for traveling around Sydney all day (via trains, buses and ferries); a bus and train ticket to the infamous Bondi Beach; and 2 one-way tickets to The Blue Mountains-Katoomba. You can either enjoy a day trip or stay for a while.

Get a "Backpacker Rail Pass" for 14 days which costs $232, or a 1 month pass is only a bit more at $275; 3 month passes are $298, and 6 month passes cost $420.

Contact travel agents by telephone or online to buy rail passes before your trip to travel Australia on one ticket. Visit "Rail Australia" and similar websites to buy direct.

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