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8 Reasons to Love New Zealand

If you have been planning a visit to New Zealand, you are in for a real treat. There is a lot to love about New Zealand, and there is much to see and do while there. Just a few things to love about New Zealand:

• New Zealand is easy to navigate. As a country, New Zealand could be described as compact. Dividing into a north island and a south island, it is relatively a simple task to get around. You can invariably fly between major cities, or you can choose to ride the bus, rent a car, or even hire a motor home (the U.S. equivalent is an RV).

• New Zealand is rich with marine life. The coolness of the South Pacific Ocean that encircles New Zealand’s islands allows for many marine animals to thrive. A popular activity in New Zealand, among both natives and tourists, is whale watching, and you are likely to catch sight of some beautiful marine mammals on a whale watching tour. From fur seals to the wandering albatross, the marine life of this beautiful country is diverse and beautiful.

• New Zealand weather is simply divine. Visit during a New Zealand summer and you may not want to leave. With temps in the mid seventies along the coast and the low sixties in the mountain regions, if you enjoy mild weather that is not too hot and not too cold, then this is where you need to be.

• New Zealand’s festivals and activities offer something for everyone. From the Fringe Festival in February to the Festival of Lights in December, there are a plethora of things to do and experience in this great country.

• New Zealand’s wine is second to none. For the wine connoisseur, the spirits bottled in New Zealand are top notch. Some of the world’s best wines hail from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, where more than a hundred vineyards are located.

• The New Zealand landscape is unforgettable. If you are familiar with the Lord of the Rings series of movies, then you have experienced New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. And if you thought New Zealand looked larger than life on the big screen, you haven’t seen anything yet! From rugged coast lines and geysers to seemingly never-ending valleys and majestic volcanoes, natural attractions in New Zealand will keep the nature lover super busy.

• New Zealanders are wonderful people. New Zealanders are referred to as “kiwis”, and they know how to treat folks traveling to their locale. The locals are friendly and helpful, and most people who travel to New Zealand say they are among the most helpful on the planet.

• Traveling to New Zealand is a good value. Your U.S. dollar goes farther in New Zealand, at least at the time of this writing. Trade each of your U.S. dollars for $1.24 in NZDs.
These are just a few reasons to love New Zealand. Once you have experienced New Zealand for yourself, you are bound to find even more reasons to fall in love with this beautiful country.

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